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almost 8 years ago

Rush PLO 25, 3 bet QJT8 from BB

you're not going to represent AA by betting anything less than full pot since you're meant to be "scared" of flush draws when OOP. You know nobody else has AA since that's a super simple reraise...

about 8 years ago

Proper PLO : Episode One

not a problem any more, can't shortstack on pokerstars, min buyin is 50 bets now in the games i play Smile
but yeah could do a shortstacking ...

about 8 years ago

Proper PLO : Episode One

"he was just keeping my money warm" - i like!

really great video!

flattery will get you everywhere in life, cheers.

over 8 years ago


First of all 10 handed PLO is the worst thing in the world and I would just ignore it all together.

Full ring is awesome and easy to exploit the predit...

over 8 years ago

50 PLO AAJ2 single suited in small blind.

I think your play here is OK, but I think it may be better to just check-folding the flop. Sucks to be OOP drawing to the 3rd or 4th nut flush on a paired board.


over 8 years ago

What Series are good for learnig PLO

yeah but nobody would recommend that crap nowhereman.

over 8 years ago

2/4 HU Basic Turn Q

Check raising the flop is pretty mandatory, he really can't float you on this flop due to there being no draws out there whatsoever. If you get called you can usually put them on a strong hand a...

over 8 years ago

.5/1 confused with a nut draw

Stick it in on the flop and be happy Smile
By raising the flop you give yourself correct odds to call the turn no matter what card comes. You...

over 8 years ago

PLO100 - How many mistakes - Painful

Other than not raising preflop I think everything else went perfectly.
Obviously you know you're beaten on the river but for $20 to win $276 a fold is foolish.

over 8 years ago

King for a Day 3: MEMBERS ONLY : Episode Eight

what i'd like to see is people downvoting actually leaving a reason why.
How can any video be improved if you don't say why you hate it!