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about 3 years ago

wrist pain

I think vertical mice are supposed to be better for you, have you tried out one of them?

over 3 years ago

Beating a limit?


Have some fun playing with this!

over 3 years ago

2015-750k Hands of poker

I don't think 4 tables will be enough to get 348 hands an hour at 6 max but I could be wrong.

over 3 years ago

The best Poker documentary....

Pfft, there is already a great poker documentary and it's called Bet, Raise, Fold!

almost 4 years ago

Micro, Full Ring, AKo vs ?? all in

Against a short stack I think you always have to call these unless you have some read he is playing 2/2 or something equally nitertronic.

about 4 years ago

Railing Vanessa in WSOP Event #2

Congrats! Win all the bracelets imo!

about 4 years ago

this turn is a c/c?

I think bet/fold is fine here you can get value from a lot of hands that have just a single diamond that he could call with.

about 4 years ago

DC Coach who makes funny Youtube Videos

Are you thinking of Joe the Pro? https://www.youtube.com/user/tanglefast/videos

Don't think...

over 4 years ago


American players, time for cash out on your titties?


over 4 years ago

Colour Coding And Labelling

Here is what I use for cash games, its sort of based on traffic lights.

Red = Nit
Yellow = Reg
Green = Fish

That's the basic tags I use. Anyone that is mass tabli...