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over 7 years ago

Hey Ball Episode 29: Interview with NoahSD (Official Discussion)

lol at "one of the most embarassing things in poker history" being people sweating reidbill.

Note to self: When it's being recorded, don't say "yeah" every time someone pauses. So wei...

over 7 years ago

Ghost : NoahSD (#2) - 4-tabling $5/10

Sick sn!

Unfortunately, the comp that had this sweet HUD is now dead and buried, so I can't send it to you. I'm using the stock HUD right now because I'm lazy

almost 8 years ago

Raging Bull : Episode One

Awesome awesome awesome.

almost 8 years ago

Coaching player history...

I'm glad this thread exists.

(I didn't manage to read nearly every post ITT, so I apologize if anything I say seems out of context or repetitive or whatever.)

IMHO, there a...

about 8 years ago

Review of delcrossb

I've only had one session with kevin so far, but I thought I'd give him a plug because he did an awesome job. I'm totally new to PLO and trying to learn it ASAP, and he was pretty much perfect f...

about 8 years ago

Late Night Coaching with Joe Tall : Guest Coach NoahSD

I don't like much overbetting bluff this river since we don't rep much with our small turn bet size. I think this is the kind of spot where vilain can find a call with all his range,...

about 8 years ago

Rewind : Episode Six

Did you link the wrong hand or something? I'm confused.

about 8 years ago

Ghost : NoahSD (#1) - 4-tabling 400NL

Hey shark,
"Basicly you were 3betting this reg relentlessly as he was folding to 92% of 3bets, you 3bet 45o OOP vs him at one point which i found bizzare."

If he's folding to 92%...

about 8 years ago

Rewind : Episode Two

You say, you would raise/stack off with a hand like AQ on the flop because 99 does have bad equity vs. his draws. But at the turn, no draw arrives and he checks, so that you conclude...