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over 9 years ago

DogIsHeads UP : Episode One

enjoyed it very much

one thing that has me bothered is the name dog is head...please explain your name so i can get past that and focus on the important stuff

5 star vi...

over 9 years ago

Table talk, do you use it?

"chatters" used to tilt a lot more than they do today, but in general a "chatter" is more likely to go off for more buyins even today than a mime...i can't remember the last time i played a good...

over 9 years ago

Spaceman in a Cowboy Hat : Episode Six

you guys together are a cute mix, i got a good chuckle out of spaceman telling jay "i can't thank you enough for joining us today" right after a hand

the end slide deck was also ver...

almost 10 years ago

LIME-AID Part Deux : Episode Two

I have always liked your videos but I think you have improved recently

5 stars

almost 10 years ago

Lightsabers Two : Episode Two

5 stars

Krantzypantz, what's the latest on your vertical, how high is the wrist going above the rim?

I also enjoy your horrid accents, the more the better.

almost 10 years ago

Storytime with Joe Tall - Episode 1

no way is this story true...with the long beer lines at Fenway you are lucky to go through the line maybe twice in a 9 inning game

almost 10 years ago

Duel : WiltOnTilt (#1)

Wilt, I forget the specifics but you had like Q3 or something like that and shoved and he called with T7 suited. Was this really a good board to throw out a stone cold bluff? It was very "wet"...

almost 10 years ago

moral quandry


I didn't read all the responses but as a HU specialist part of your ability is to read people on the outside factors. I think you made a good read here. If your main reason ...

almost 10 years ago

Remember the Railbirds : Episode Eight

Krantz, I am officially putting you on a performance plan due to FWF not making a series next season. ;-)

That was a great series, job well done by both of you and the back end...

almost 10 years ago

Remember the Railbirds : Episode Three

I believe it's "Vegas and the fucking Mirage" not the Taj...

i blew this off as typical east coast guys mentality