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over 9 years ago

Sent paypal money....


I sent paypal money for a 6 month membership quite a few hours ago and was wondering when my account would be activated.


almost 10 years ago

Is there a coach...

The best thing to do is to look up the ranges yourself in poker stove.

Please could you elaborate a bit, thanks.

almost 10 years ago

Real Life Micro NL-Grinder: Part Deux : Episode Two

can i have this hud layout pls

almost 10 years ago

Lightsabers Two : Episode One

Nice video, but can u next time move the postion of the HUD on some players cause i sometimes can't see their holecards.


almost 10 years ago

Storytime with Joe Tall - Episode 1

haha sweet

over 9 years ago

200NL Deep with a set in RR pot

I stacked opponent in this hand recently when he played aces horribly and let me suck out on him then he called an overbet shove on the river. After that hand he started opening nearly every han...

almost 10 years ago

Duel : DOGISHEAD (#4) - $25/50 HUNL

wowowoow epic vidoes today, cant wait to watch!

almost 10 years ago


I already posted about this in the 2+2 thread so i will just copy and paste what i put on there.

I would like to do a 200NL 6max one on full tilt PLZ 1 TIME!!

almost 10 years ago

King For a Day Part Deux : Episode Five

nice vid. my screen name is le ti ga.

one thing, i think your bet sizing is pretty terrible in general. like you bet $10 or something into a $18 pot on a 567 flop with air but if yo...