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over 6 years ago

NL50 TT pf

I guess the SB can also see the evry wide range this UTG OpenRaiser has and decides to 3bet with 77+, A9s+ ,ATo + ,KJs+,KQo which is not that loose for 6max ;-)

And against this par...

over 6 years ago

NL50 T8s vs fish

to get isolated ?

over 6 years ago

50NL-JJ-River decision

so ,we call or we donnot call -100% understand ;-)

over 6 years ago

Best Holdem Manager application

I bought the LeakBuster and the TableScanner -love to see on my HUD how many tables villain is sitting at and the lines till this moment i check it ...

over 6 years ago


What´s about squeezing pre-flop and try to get it all-in on the flop ?

almost 7 years ago

NL30: Fold KK pre???

vs this villain - Yaehh - i fold ak

about 7 years ago

FBI taking down poker domains

Europeans are safe ?

about 7 years ago

50NL - Flush max on paired river

Pott-Odds ?
He`s never shoving a Q high Flush ?