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almost 8 years ago

Taking a bot to the cleaners :D

There was an ad on a freelance job website detailing the requirements for the proposed bot, asking for guys to program it.

about 8 years ago

Portland, Oregon

Powell's is well worth a visit. Had some fab pizza there somewhere but can't remember where but Portland is great!

about 8 years ago

Microstakes player with no results

Found the Secret HQ forum, yet? You could join a group?

about 8 years ago

What to do with a PS step 6 ticket

I'm sure someone will answer this shortly but in the meantime, why don't you email Pokerstars support? They are always very good, even with daft questions like I have asked in the past.

about 8 years ago

Starting from scratch

Make sure she has fun to start off with, once she's helplessly addicted, you can pile on the learnin'.

I think I'd also introduce her to PLO as it sounds like she might like the contr...

about 8 years ago

Am I getting enough nutrients?

I try to eat as healthy as possible......notice there is like 0 fruits and veggies. Should this be a must fix?

Yes, it is. As many colours of veggie/f...

about 8 years ago

Ladies DC Meetup WSOP 2010

Oh fabulous, if I was around I would definitely come. Great idea. (Hilariously worded post.)

On a slight digression, how many DC'ers are women?

about 8 years ago

What is your online Nickname and how did you get it?

I think all economists are lost, they are like financial meteorologists... Poke Tongue

about 8 years ago

EPT San Remo Final Table LIVE

So I spend the evening in hospital and miss Liv winning. One bright, bright girl....physicist.....bet she's never in a lab now!

about 8 years ago

What is your online Nickname and how did you get it?

My DC sn came about from basically just being not very memorable. I had been having to say, "yeah, that's me" pretty regularly around the time I signed up. Nowadays I ju...