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over 5 years ago

Mid Pair Turned into bluff...Did I get it right?

I don't mind running a bluff here on the turn or the river once in awhile. Seems like he'd bet trips+ bigger on the turn and/or river. These meek 1/2 bets all the way through the hand from this ...

over 5 years ago

JJ vs two whales!

Unless you've seen him get aggro on later streets (and if you have this is a snap call), I'd fold. Any two suited is alot of his range. I'd expect a bigger bet on the turn with his Kx hands. I a...

over 5 years ago

2NL River call/fold

I think this is a c/f river.

2NL players don't bet their missed draws with a scare card on the river after getting double barrelled. I think he was floating with flush draw over cards...

over 5 years ago

4NL: Top Pair OOP Vs. Fishy Fishy

Turn = check: Ax is most of his range.
River = fold, because when fish take a stab at the river with say 33 or air they usually bet way less than 1/2 pot.

almost 7 years ago

5NL, just hate those hands OOP

Call flop, fold turn. Nitz taking you to ValueTown with his JJ+.

about 7 years ago

NL25 AKs v nit

I think flatting pre is pretty standard against this guy.

I'd normally bet the turn here for reasons mentioned by dwell. I think it's ok to check though and if you have...

about 7 years ago

NL25 AKs v nit

I'm calling the river. What's he repping? A made straight or trips that checked two streets waiting for some action? I think you are looking at AA, AK, KQ or much less likely AJ or 99. Nothing e...

about 7 years ago

River value shove?

Given the fact he bets 1/2 pot into two people on the turn tells me he's probably got a weak made hand like Txs with perhaps a draw. Does he donk out on the turn with trips? He might.

about 7 years ago

10NL strange line from villain

Id raise the flop and try to isolate him. Plus we want to get value from him too. I think slow playing and calling here is bad. Our hand is somewhat vulnerable.

As play...

about 7 years ago

5NL AK multiway with nit & fish

I'd def 3bet UTG all day long here. As stated above he'll call with worse alot + you get the added benefit of folding out SB's small pockets which quite possibly are beating you here.