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almost 5 years ago

Dr DJ's PLO Practice : Episode Three

Can we call with good double suited connected pairs such as JJT9ds oop vs the different groups of 3 bettors?

almost 5 years ago

3bet pot turn spot IP vs two barrels

Wouldn't it be higher EV to flat the turn and potentially get the rest in with 100% equity on the river?

over 6 years ago

PLO HEM2 Leakfinder Wanted

I'm after someone whos both adept at PLO and Hem2 to do a leakfinding session with me with view to more in the future.

about 7 years ago

PLO Warriors : Episode One

At 54.30 on the top left hero folds 89T2 double suited from the sb vs utg and then on bottom right he folds double suited JJQ6 from sb vs a button steal, are these standard?

over 7 years ago

Duel : WiltOnTilt (#6) - 100NL Part 1

Nice vid guys!

over 7 years ago

Duel : KRANTZ (#6) - 4-tabling $5/10

At 54.52 you 4 bet J9o to $140 and check back/fold a K54 flop. Seems like a good spot to cbet or at least float/raise the turn?

Also at 57mins you talk about peoples tendencies to wan...

over 7 years ago

Report Card : Episode One

You must get all the classy Aussie tourists in the US of A

about 8 years ago

Duel : Syous (#1) - 200 NL

I was villain in this video. Thanks for the positive feedback guys.

Syous definitely put me in some tough spots in this match and I wish I'd paused a little longer on some decisions....

over 8 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

I expected nothing less from Gugel having read and been entertained by his posts on 2+2. I applaud Ansky's patience, logic and poker knowledge. Well done sir.