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over 7 years ago

2-4 BvB: Lmp Pot

I would never fold flop.

With this villain read, I prob play the same.

I have toyed with lines like raise flop, check turn and river UI again these types of villains.

over 7 years ago

2-4 FR: Multiway Lmp Pot 2nd Pair

I bet out or xr flop as played.

over 7 years ago

2-4 FR: Another Multiway Lmp Pot

Please don't show results.

If we are calling pf, I like the flop and turn. River is debatable, imo.

over 7 years ago

River raise vs. coordinated small cards

"oh sweet a semi scare card came so I'm going to turn my pair into a bluff and this dude is gonna fold an overpair") - its really expensive and rarely works.

over 7 years ago

River raise vs. coordinated small cards

As played, I think the river bet is pretty thin if you're not folding. And I prob wouldn't fold to a raise here against a good player either.

over 7 years ago

BvB smallest pair v passive unknown

I fold turn.

over 7 years ago

Raise to protect A-high?

The more I think about it, the more I like folding or raising the flop. I am having a hard time considering just a peel. Waiting to raise the turn may be interesting, but I wouldn't play many ha...

almost 8 years ago

200/400 Live, Turn Spot

I said I'd check back turn

this was my initial thought. Pot is huge, I really don't like folding.

side note: I should be bluffing TAGs more ...

almost 8 years ago

Iso range against this player.

I don't see why Ahigh isn't a fine hand against someone opening 100% from the btn and playing poorly postflop, especially if the TAG in the BB isn't giving us any trouble.

I'm playing...

almost 8 years ago

A7s vs 3bet and cap

DC = nutz