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about 6 years ago

What to do with my Cake account balance

If you are in the US I think the minimum cash out is $500.

Oh that is only via check. If you have other options to cash out you might be able to for less.

about 6 years ago

PLO10: Facing River Raise From Aggro Opponent

I dont really like the flop check. I'd bet the flop. CO might be agro but most agro people are a little more tame in multi-way pots when they are stuck in the middle.

I think b/f th...

almost 7 years ago

I stink!

Who do you owe money to?

If it's a gambling debt, you should get that payed down before you continue playing.

Sad that this was t...

almost 7 years ago

live 1/2 rake

How would you adjust this rake per hr. for a $1/$1 NL live game with $20- $60 Buyin? They spread that game here in FL at the Silks poker room in Tampa.

almost 7 years ago

Poker and Forum Acronyms

That dry flop has a straight draw on it. I might suggest k72r instead!


You know you might play too much PLO when A93r i...

about 7 years ago

health benefits of beer

Is coke and Hohos a euphemism for hookers and blow?

I've learned 2 things from this thread.
1) Hookers and blow is not a g...

about 7 years ago

health benefits of beer

Only if you have a vagina.

Crap my fiance likes beer. Does that mean she doesnt have a vagina?

about 7 years ago

SiQ in the well: ask me anything!

Umm I have to do this in every well.

How many 5 year olds can you take in a fight?

What is your name?
What is your quest?
Want is the average win...

about 7 years ago

2 times a months = not ok

Just to add a new person to this.

I understand the reason for the cut back and although it sucks Im fine with it.

But I can only think of 1 thing I like more than DP on...

about 7 years ago

golfers on DC? recommend me some irons...

One piece of advice to everyone wanting to be "serious" at golf.

Learn to build your clubs its really not that hard to learn.

What I have learned from building my own c...