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over 3 years ago

MTT video what do you guys want to see?,

As somebody who is transitioning to MTT's from cash, I'd like to see how to use programs like ICMizer effectively when reviewing hands.

over 3 years ago

Looking for a student (free coaching for a video series)

Hi! I hope it's not too late to apply for this.

I'm 21 year old player from Finland. I've played mostly cash games (100nl 6m), but recently switched to MTT's. Previously (in 2013) coa...

about 4 years ago

NL10; AcTd in SB facing turn raise/all-in

As played it's just about the odds, which you do not seem to have enough of.

The better questions is: "what is the best line in this hand?"

First thing I noted was your ra...

about 5 years ago

Videos on 2NL?

you really dont need videos at 2NL basic TAG strategy and you will crush they stakes trust me

And again we are looking for those videos that can teach ...

about 5 years ago

Videos on 2NL?

Why would you need to watch videos for 2nl? Anyone with the most basic understanding of poker fundamentals can beat it because the players there are horrific. Just the fact you're at...

about 5 years ago

Videos on 2NL?

It's very unlikely that you are going to find specific videos for that stake. There are playlists that suit microstakes players very well. Here are a couple:

over 5 years ago

Real Life Part Time No Limit Grinder : Episode Three

how does one get chosen to be in a series like this?
is this usually for players that are already paying for coaching, and then this particular coach decides to make a video ser...

over 5 years ago

Coaching review, Fender Jaguar

Hi, I'm Apex93 and at the end of 2012 I took on Fender Jaguar's holiday season coaching deal. (

almost 6 years ago

Reverse Mentoring : Episode Seven

probably stupid question, but why no raise on river?

His range as I asume it:

what he might fold: 8 combos AK, lets say he has 2 (out of 8) KQ combos, 6 combos ...

almost 6 years ago

Looking for new contacts (Small/Midstakes)

Not taking anymore request for the time being.