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about 7 years ago

JJ versus loose passive on drawy board

Raise to get value from over pairs, draws and combos. So many cards on later streets can put you in a tough spot or result in him check, folding.

Any bet sizing tells? Less than hal...

about 7 years ago

KQ 3bet, good bluff Spot?

I think the bet size on the flop is good because the villan is probably playing fit or fold. Therefore once he calls I'm done with this hand.

Do others think KQ has showdown value h...

about 7 years ago

DC Shorts : Ansky (#1) - HUNL Game Analysis


Just a quick note to say thanks for taking my thread and turning it into a video.

The tips were great, I'm now using HEM to find situations with leaks rather than s...

over 7 years ago

How do I analyse my game?

I've been playing micro HU for a few months now against a variety of oppoents.

I use HEM but I don't really know where to start with analysing my general play.

Please c...

over 7 years ago

HUNL micro's, Need some general advice

I can't remember what video series I picked this up from but it is the one piece of advice to win HU at the micros. It is this:

"Play a showdown orientated game."


almost 8 years ago

10NL - I don't beleive you...

Nothing wrong with being pushed off KQ here. Lot of value in set mining at the level vs guys who can't fold top pair good kicker. Don't be one of those guys.

almost 8 years ago

Should I have bet?

When he checks the turn back I think you can bet fold the river.

Also on flops like this you can pot it because they'll still call. You're not getting any extra hands in by betting ...

almost 8 years ago

25NL Bet river or check to induce?

Villan in hand was 22/11/1.0 over 40 hands. I had no read on them as they had only been playing for a while. The min raiser under the gun was a fish and I was not concerned with them. Despite th...

over 8 years ago

Slowplayed AA

Given the read of the button being nitty what range of hands can we put him on pre-flop? His here is going to be very strong. Aces to Jacks, Ace-King and maybe Ace-Queen suited are all I'm putti...

over 8 years ago

Problems logging into your rakeback account? Try these steps.

Hi Rob,

I've also followed all the steps but I'm still having the same problem.