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MTT Thunderdome: Turbo Week - Part 2

by YugiohPro, about 2 years ago, 59 min


$$$, 4 tables, FR

MTT Thunderdome: Turbo Week

by YugiohPro, about 2 years ago, 54 min


$$$, 4 tables, FR

Ghost: BalugaWhale - Tournaments Vs Cas...

by BalugaWhale, over 2 years ago, 54 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$$, 2 tables, 6M

Sunday Tournaments With YugiohPro: Epis...

by YugiohPro, over 2 years ago, 43 min


$, 4 tables, FR

Ghost: Live Poker Hands - WSOP 2014 Epi...

by WiltOnTilt, almost 3 years ago, 48 min


$$$, FR

Ghost: Live Poker Hands - WSOP 2014

by WiltOnTilt, almost 3 years ago, 41 min



Joe the Pro: Episode Eleven

by joethepro, almost 9 years ago, 6 min


$$$, HU

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PLO Pimpin'

HPT Main Event HH's

2014-02-15 12:37 AM

Here’s a few hands I played in the HPT main event the other day. Starting stack was 30k, ended with 148k which is right around average. Day 2 is on Sunday, so I’ll try to save some hands then and write another blog after it’s over! Check out PQP for more NL tourney strategy coming soon! Hand 1:   First level of the day. It’s the 2 nd orbit. Only reads I have is that table is very passive and general the p ... <a href="/blogs/kasinokrime/103971-HPT-Main-Event-HH-s">(continued)</a>


The Degnovic Blog

Don't Wanna Chase

2012-10-31 05:30 PM

(This is a cross post from my blog ). Well, that didn’t go as I hoped. I started out the Oktoberfest at PKR by playing all the events the first couple of days, and actually did very well, but often came close but no cigar. It sucks, but as I proclaimed before the start of the series, the fields is bigger and therefore the variance is too. I finally feel like this will be a good time to start a ... <a href="/blogs/degnovic/95911-Don-t-Wanna-Chase">(continued)</a>


The Degnovic Blog

Let the Grinding Begin

2012-09-12 10:33 AM

(This is a cross post from my new blog I just started. You can find it at ). I don’t know if starting my blog got me some run good, but the same night as I posted it, I shipped the Rolling in the Deep tournament at PKR for a nice bankroll boost. So I guess I’m off to a pretty good start. I’m ready to grind some tournaments again today and I’m pretty motivated. I’ve just picked up so ... <a href="/blogs/degnovic/93971-Let-the-Grinding-Begin">(continued)</a>



Poker/Life Update: Oh Sunday

2012-04-03 11:07 AM

Hey guys,   Today is my day off and I feel pretty damn good. I’m not sure if I covered my grind plan but if not ill recap it. I am going to play Wednesday-Sunday and take Monday, Tuesday off. If I fall behind on my volume goals I may play an extra day, but I think I will do fine with 5days a week. I am two for two on the walks and wakeups and I’m looking forward to sticking to it.   It feels like the w ... <a href="/blogs/jaimestaples/88561-Poker-Life-Update-Oh-Sunday">(continued)</a>



Smoothing Out the Curves

2012-03-06 03:32 AM

Hey guys So I ended up down a bit on the week bankroll wise but it didn’t feel like it because of last sundays success. For the limited amount of volume I did put in, I made a ton of deep runs, resulting in some close calls! However getting in the top 50 is not a recipe for success. Its all about that win baby! I know its coming. One thing that has been gratifying has been my variance reducer, 8game sng’s. Ive b ... <a href="/blogs/jaimestaples/87201-Smoothing-Out-the-Curves">(continued)</a>


Jubs Blog

Personal biggest pot ever

2010-05-17 10:39 AM

Hey DCers, Played my biggest pot ever the other day….maybe I should just play heads up all the time :) Always handy to win the big pots. IPoker Network $200.00 No Limit Hold’em – 2 players The Official Hand History Converter Hero (BB): $512.80 BTN /SB: $600.00 Pre Flop: ($3.00) Hero is BB with T T BTN /SB raises to $6 , Hero raises to $18 , BTN /SB raises to $50 , Her ... <a href="/blogs/jubinator/23871-Personal-biggest-pot-ever">(continued)</a>


Climbing Mt Robusto

So I played a tournament...

2010-04-12 06:12 PM

and WON :D Normally there would be a picture of the lobby showing the “congratulations you placed 1st for $2900” but there is no way I’m going to out this site on DC (not that anyone reads this blog). April has been quite swingy thus far. Started off good until I was formally introduced to the variance that is PLO . Its quite weird to get top set in on a monotone board and still only be 52%. A few more 52/48’s ... <a href="/blogs/pbx/19331-So-I-played-a-tournament-">(continued)</a>


If a Blog falls in the woods...

Consistency is good.

2010-02-15 12:45 PM

Well time for another update. For those of you playing at home, today is Monday and its donkament day. Unfortunatley for us good guys i didnt pull down a win today. I did final table which was good, but just couldnt get a run like i did last week. A few intersting hands – (well intersting enough) K8o in the SB, this is after the first break, i was sitting on about 6k and the dude shoves AI utg blind (free poke ... <a href="/blogs/pokergnome/11701-Consistency-is-good-">(continued)</a>


If a Blog falls in the woods...

LOL Donkaments

2010-02-08 01:58 PM

Well well well, this stufying thing may have started to pay off. I shipped my first tournament win tonight. Not too shabby 1 from 1 since i have gotten back into it. Ok before i get too ahead of myself, it was only an APL Freeroll, but hey it was good for $100 and i did beat out 100 other people. I was down to 3BB on the final table (ridiculous structure/plus a silly shove with K high on an A high flop) but then picked up AA ... <a href="/blogs/pokergnome/10641-LOL-Donkaments">(continued)</a>


Isn't that clover?

Live Tournaments and "Right View"

2009-05-16 05:29 AM

So I played in a couple of live tournaments this week because the WSOP circuit is here in New Orleans. One thing I really like about live poker is the slow pace of things and the opportunity to really observe every hand closely. I find it helps force me to think through situations more fully and consequently, I often try to learn new games by playing them live first, when possible. I ended up bubbling in a ... <a href="/blogs/sweetjazz3/109-Live-Tournaments-and-Right-View-">(continued)</a>

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