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The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenm: Episode ...

by Tommy Angelo, about 8 years ago, 62 min



Omakase LHE: Episode Four

by Joe Tall, over 8 years ago, 68 min

Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

tiltless Poker Articles

Why I Don’t Talk about Hands When I’m Playing
by Tommy Angelo on about 8 years ago

I’ve made a new friend at Lucky Chances. His name is Django. (Pronounced Jango.) He’s a young, instantly likable player, very sharp and well-respected. The first dozen times we played together was in early 2007 when I played a few times a week for a few months. It was right afte... Read More

That Bastard!
by Tommy Angelo on over 8 years ago

He really got me good on this one. I was all-in without a paddle. I was up shit creek and drawing dead. However you put it, it wasn’t pretty. I was playing $40-80 limit hold’em at Lucky Chances. This was around 2002. Alex was at the next table, playing no-limit. He spoke to me with a... Read More

The Benefits of Going Broke
by Tommy Angelo on over 8 years ago

I’m in Vegas right now doing a three-day coaching program with a new client. At the end of day one, we went downstairs to the poker room at the Venetian to play some poker in the same game, for mutual observation. The plan is that I watch him and take notes on things he does and doesn’t do... Read More

What do you do for a living?
by Tommy Angelo on over 8 years ago

Here’s a hand I played in the big no-limit game at Lucky Chances. There was a guy in the game I’d never played with before, and he was giving lots of action. So far I’d played two pots against him. Both times I was on the button. Both times the river went check-check. Both times I tu... Read More

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my thoughts on everything

more mental game

2011-08-16 01:35 AM

mental game Stategies I learned from Tommy Angelo: – breathe, deeply and slowly and be mindful of each in/exhale. – play in sessions and sets in time frames you are able to remain in control over your concentration – your thoughts are not reality Strategies from Joe Talls TA group: – presession routine, 5 things to do to tell your body to get alert and ready to play – trigger points – post session routines Stategies I pic ... <a href="/blogs/acombfosho/74981-more-mental-game">(continued)</a>


Seasoning Micro Steaks


2010-05-19 05:47 PM

It is 1pm on Wednesday, May 19, and I just woke up getting ready to start my daily routine. I have not blogged in over a month, I have not played poker, watched videos, read the forums in over 2 weeks. I just had enough of poker. I was working on the new and improved video guide here for the forum, I was getting MTR videos tagged, all while having a full time job, a girlfriend and trying to win money. Needless the say, the la ... <a href="/blogs/besthand17/24191-Structure">(continued)</a>


PLO Diaries

Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment

2009-05-07 11:13 PM

No PLO since the last session. I’ve been working a ton on finishing the first 4 episodes (3 done, one to go!) of Tommy and Wayne’s series The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment . It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun. When you see nicely timed animations and images jumping on to the screen in front of you, that was probably my doing. The whole project has featured a lot of work and input from a lot of ... <a href="/blogs/entity/68-Eightfold-Path-to-Poker-Enlightenment">(continued)</a>

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