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my thoughts on everything

strange hand... 150bb deep

2012-12-03 03:27 PM

Here is a hand I played today MP is 13/13/7 over 314 hands – obv nittier side of TAG and more on the aggressive side NAG? Nitty AGgro? lol whatever) BB is unknown 2 hands 100/0/100 (he 3bet twice of the two occasions, essentially meaningless for me though) BTN: $25.00 Hero (SB): $53.64 BB: $20.00 UTG: $26.08 MP: $38.09 CO: $15.52 Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero is SB with 9 8 1 fold , MP raises to $0.75 , 2 folds , ... <a href="/blogs/acombfosho/96831-strange-hand-150bb-deep">(continued)</a>


The Grinding Dragon

Thanks DC and PygmyHero

2010-03-15 08:38 PM

I got a very pleasant suprise last night whilst looking through my HEM stats. I have not looked at them for a while and was quite pleased with what I found. Before anyone gives me the lecture of “Can’t win without looking at your stats blah blah blah” let me just explain myself. Since November last year I have been taking the game and the prospects it can offer a whole lot more seriously. This also was about th ... <a href="/blogs/ausdragon/15631-Thanks-DC-and-PygmyHero">(continued)</a>

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