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My journey

No direction for too long!!!

2011-04-11 09:47 AM

I am not going to bore you with “another poker story” but to put it bluntly I have been going nowhere for to long. I have not have aims, targets and directions. Not just in my poker either: in to many aspects in my life, from studies, to self improvement, gym and finances. I have some time on my hands now so want to change this and make some improvements in some areas: I hope blogging will help! I have been playing p ... <a href="/blogs/bradders/64371-No-direction-for-too-long-">(continued)</a>


diab0lic's Blog

Picking Up The Pace

2011-03-19 04:21 PM

I think all the excitement over the new series here at DC, specifically Bellatrix’s math series and anything heads up related, and especially Saibot’s upcoming series has really helped me pull my boots up and get playing. I played 40 games yesterday at an 18% ROI. Last night I pulled up Skype and told my buddy Byron that I was going to hit a $350 roll before I went to bed, and I didn’t quite make the goal but i hit it this ... <a href="/blogs/diab0lic/61261-Picking-Up-The-Pace">(continued)</a>


diab0lic's Blog

March 2011 Targets and Cuba Pics

2011-03-02 03:35 PM

Hey Guys, I haven’t written in a while. Between being sick last month, and then going to Cuba I totally missed my volume targets. I was aiming for 300 games and a 10%+ ROI. I did 100 games and met my ROI goal, so its not the worst outcome by far. In any case I feel I couldn’t focus while sick, and couldn’t play while in Cuba (obviously) so I’m going to let myself slide. However this month has a new set of targe ... <a href="/blogs/diab0lic/59201-March-2011-Targets-and-Cuba-Pics">(continued)</a>


United Kingdom of Boomer

Weight and Poker Targets

2010-06-06 06:17 PM

Well that actually didn’t turn out as badly as it could have done. Yes, as anyone who’s seen me would know I’m still pretty overweight but the good news for me is that I’m actually 2 stone (~30lb) down from my worst point which was at the turn of the year so now I know what I have to work towards.  I’m never going to be silflike just due to my shoulders/legs etc but I can at least get into a position where I’m happy if ... <a href="/blogs/boomer/26981-Weight-and-Poker-Targets">(continued)</a>


my thoughts on everything

The Ten (or near abouts) Poker Commandments

2009-05-10 07:02 PM

“Poker is a game in which you are rewarded for making good decisions and punished for making bad ones. The merit of your decisions is dependent on how well you process various types of incomplete information.” What can be taken from this is therefore, as a poker player, you are a situation processor; There are many possible situations in poker, process them well and you profit. Be well hydrated, fed ... <a href="/blogs/acombfosho/78-The-Ten-or-near-abouts-Poker-Commandments">(continued)</a>

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