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PLO Pimpin'

WSOP Video Blog

2014-05-21 03:13 PM

Hey guys,  What are the three things required to do well at the WSOP? Learn by watching this video blog! Give it a watch and let me know what you think.  KK  


From Redundancy to the High Stakes


2013-01-25 01:30 PM

Just another quick update…..Last night when I got home I had received an email from the company I had an interview with on Wednesday and they offered me a job, which I will be starting on the 4th February which is good news for me. I handed my notice in today with the company I am currently working for and am looking forward to the future now. Thanks for the support guys, meant a lot! Stewart


BigDonkey's blog

Key to success at poker

2010-10-26 03:11 PM

I was thinking recently about what distinguishes succesful poker players from the bad ones. What is the most important trait for being good at poker? As many good players have indeed pointed out in the past, it is how you cope when the variance is not in your favor. In other words it’s not that hard to play good when you run good, but to play good when you run bad. At least for me, this is perhaps the most important p ... <a href="/blogs/bigfish789/42541-Key-to-success-at-poker">(continued)</a>


扑克之道 (The Dao of Poker)

Introductory Post

2010-04-01 08:15 AM

I’ve been exposed to poker since I was a kid. My Dad’s a poker player, my eighty-eight year old grandma hosts a weekly mixed game, even my great grandfather was a poker player and a pit boss in Las Vegas. So, I’ve always thought that poker was pretty cool and alluring, and I’ve always admired the people who were able to consistently walk away from a poker table holding more cash than they sat down with. However, I only ... <a href="/blogs/kailong/17641-Introductory-Post">(continued)</a>

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