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DC Shorts: Ansky (#12) - 10k SCOOP

by Ansky, about 5 years ago, 15 min


$$$, FR

DC Shorts: Ansky (#11) - 1k SCOOP

by Ansky, about 5 years ago, 12 min


$$$, FR

DC Shorts: Ansky (#10) - 6max Tournamen...

by Ansky, about 5 years ago, 17 min


$$$, 6M

MTT: Gman (#1) - HU SCOOP

by Gman, about 8 years ago, 63 min


$$, HU

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March Review, April Goals, and SCOOP Preview

2012-05-04 03:23 AM

Hey everyone,  I haven’t updated things in a while so I have lots to fill you in on. Ill get right to it.   The April Grind April was an acceptable month. I really think that’s the correct word. I am not excited about the results and I also can’t be disappointed. I did learn a lot, and feel like I am back into the swing of things. I am playing very well.   In May, the goals are going to ... <a href="/blogs/jaimestaples/89991-March-Review-April-Goals-and-SCOOP-Preview">(continued)</a>


432A Badugi Poker

gibralter11 wins 2010 SCOOP-04-H $1575.00 FL Badugi event at PokerStars!

2010-05-04 07:55 PM

I’m finding that if you’re part of the small percentage of people who actually enjoy playing Badugi you probably love the game. Otherwise you hate it. It’s that kind of game. It’s a ton of fun but if you let it the game can REALLY get under your skin. If you’re twisted enough to be here reading then yesterday was a good day for you because it was a good day for Bad ... <a href="/blogs/432a/22011-gibralter11-wins-2010-SCOOP-04-H-1575-00-FL-Badugi-event-at-PokerStars-">(continued)</a>


432A Badugi Poker

Badugi SCOOP at Pokerstars

2010-05-04 01:50 AM

Well maybe I’m wrong I just looked at the (L) event the $25K and its down to 500ish. Must be a LOT of fish entered.


432A Badugi Poker

Hi I'm 432A!

2010-05-04 01:43 AM

Hi I’m Bob. I’m a big fan of the game Badugi and glad to be here at DC with the only people really discussing the game. I had a nice long first post done and then without thinking edited the blog details and lost the post… Check back here for Badugi information as once I get un-pissed at myself I’ll be adding some lol. I do want to say I’m currently watching the SCOOP Full Limit Badugi events on Pokerstars and may do some ... <a href="/blogs/432a/21901-Hi-I-m-432A-">(continued)</a>



What Would Joe Tall Do?

2010-01-30 07:28 AM

This is my new poker mantra when I am playing any Stud games. Before I make a decision on each street I STOP and ask myself: What Would Joe Tall Do? Scoop Scoop Scoop WBCOOP 8 Game Event 3rd Place Finally after four events I won a $215 SCOOP ticket. The play in this event was pretty bad and there was some very easy money early. I played nearly every Triple Draw hand that had two cards under 8. I am happy ... <a href="/blogs/onthecome/9051-What-Would-Joe-Tall-Do-">(continued)</a>


MC Six Double O Seven

Signed up to SCOOP #05-L

2009-04-04 04:29 AM

The field size looks pretty small, and my short handed early game isn’t the best, so I might not. I had a prior engagement for the event #01-L, but it looked like it was a 50hr event. It looks like the #05-L might have an overlay, but if it’s not, I might not play.

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