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Danzasmack Plays Cards

Rockin' the WSOP

2013-06-06 11:29 PM

Hey all! Here in Vegas at the Rio. I took a summer off last year for various reasons and it was a great idea. It’s nice to be back at the WSOP excited about playing poker and excited about just the WSOP in itself. Staying with Wilt who I haven’t seen in a very long time. The way underrated part about coming out to Vegas is the opportunity to catch up with a bunch of people you haven’t seen. This morning Wilt and I grabbed fo ... <a href="/blogs/danzasmack/101401-Rockin-the-WSOP">(continued)</a>


Coherent Babble

Join the Movement

2011-03-27 04:18 AM

Poker players are coming together to change the world.  If you haven’t already, join the movement over at   I’ve been putting in a ton of work on the website, with the help of some fellow DCers (Luke00016, Cooper, Steppin Razor, NixontheGrouch).  In addition, I’m in talks with the Poker Players Alliance to join together and make a serious impact.  Stay tuned for more! In other news, I’m currently working o ... <a href="/blogs/tecmosuperbowl/62411-Join-the-Movement">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

WSOP! Trip 1, day 2

2010-06-19 11:08 PM

Tuesday was the day of my first tournament, the 2500PLO. Having won about that much playing cash games the day before, I was effectively freerolling, which is an excellent way to play tournaments with sizeable buyins. My starting table was full of unknowns, though most were younger and American, so perhaps it wasn’t the best draw. I went ahead and cashed in my rebuy chips immediately, since the players on my right had done so ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/29151-WSOP-Trip-1-day-2">(continued)</a>


DJ Cautious On Stars: The Worst Player In The World

Vegas WSOP Trip - Sick Action/ Playing With Phil Lack During His Endurance Challenge!!

2010-06-16 02:20 PM

Hi folks.. back in the UK after short vegas wsop trip. I was out there from 1st June to the 8th June… All I can say was WHAT A CRAZY TRIP!!!!! Was staying at the belligio for the most part and was probably averaging 3-4 sleep max per day. I play mostly cash games and they did not disapoint. the 5/5 plo action in the RIO was amazing and the 5/10/25 plo w ... <a href="/blogs/howmuchyougotleft/28541-Vegas-WSOP-Trip-Sick-Action-Playing-With-Phil-Lack-During-His-Endurance-Challenge-">(continued)</a>

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