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The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenm: Episode ...

by Tommy Angelo, about 8 years ago, 62 min



Ghost: mdm13 (#2)

by mdm13, almost 9 years ago, 81 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$$, 4 tables, 6M

Relentless Assault: Episode Seven

by DeathDonkey, almost 9 years ago, 55 min

Limit Hold'Em

$$, 4 tables, 6M

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Housemusic big

Bringing Down the House

No More Poker....

2011-11-16 12:32 AM

……..for now at least. If I’m honest I’ve drifted off course over the last 3 years and the time I invested in poker probably played no small part. Having at least an extended break, and maybe I won’t feel the need to come back. Shame really, as I was on a nice little heater and planning on having another crack at the 50NL games which got the better of me last time round. C’est la vie. Have a little under £1K to cash out inc ... <a href="/blogs/houseofcards/81141-No-More-Poker-">(continued)</a>


Climbing Mt Robusto

Yearly goal [x]'d

2010-04-13 08:01 PM

One of my yearly goals (which was last years goal, and year before that etc etc) was to quit smoking. I had managed to quit at the start of 2009 for a few months and then slowly got back into it and up to my usual 20 a day. Things got worse when I started working full time. I immediately made friends with the smokers and was enjoying going outside and puffing away, chatting about the daily grind. Most of my managers were smokers wh ... <a href="/blogs/pbx/19511-Yearly-goal-x-d-">(continued)</a>



When you're ready to quit, you're closer than you think

2010-03-05 12:54 AM

I need to print this quote and attach it to my workstation: “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.”


my thoughts on everything

My current learning focus: quitting well

2009-10-07 10:40 AM

After having looked at my first 70k hands @ 50nl, despite the fact that I genuinely believe I am skilled enough to C R U S H these games, I have realized that I am a very marginal loser there.. (net loss of $264 over 70k+ = 0.81/bb/100) so this really got me thinking about where I am right now as a player. Recently my focus (or lack thereof) has been on having fun while playing poker, trying new thin ... <a href="/blogs/acombfosho/707-My-current-learning-focus-quitting-well">(continued)</a>


PLO Style

When Do You Quit a Juicey Game?

2009-05-10 05:30 AM

So last night I was on a bit of down swing. Not playing my A game and catching the dirty end of variance. I found a good spot in a deep game with a 95/55/1 fish who would bet small or call down to just about every river, would fold a lot rivers, bluff really small, or would jam with a hand. He ran good. Peeling AcTs3c4h on Kh9d5c flop, As turn and donk-jamming 2h river with a made backdoor wheel. (I had 899T a ... <a href="/blogs/rvtsteve/74-When-Do-You-Quit-a-Juicey-Game-">(continued)</a>

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