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pr1nnyraiding: Episode One

by KRANTZ, WiltOnTilt, over 9 years ago, 53 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$$, HU

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Muckin Psychology
by BalugaWhale on over 7 years ago

What’s up guys, Been a while since I offered a poker article to you guys, but I have a thought that’s been kickin around in my head so I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s probably most relevant in HU matches but is definitely still applicable in a 6m setting (possibl... Read More

Ran Good, Ran Bad
by beset on over 9 years ago

Despite the fact that my main games for the last couple years have extremely high variance, I had not had a losing month for over two years up until January.  A lot of this is a function of anal game selection and playing a ton of hands each month.  Since I started playing for a living... Read More

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Microstakes Education

Why can't we stop ourselves?

2012-02-23 12:31 AM

I had a fight with my girlfriend the other day and decided to play poker to take my mind off it. I tried reading a book and watching tv but couldnt stop thinking about the argument I had so decided to play poker. I was actively thinking how I am in no emotional state to play decent poker and knew it was a terrible idea. I even imagined tommy angelo telling me not to play poker right now. So it was like watching a car ... <a href="/blogs/pavman/86591-Why-can-t-we-stop-ourselves-">(continued)</a>


Diary of a Donk: Escaping the Dungeons of Online Poker...

Tilting like a mofo

2012-02-20 08:14 PM

As I sit here typing this blog that doubtless nobody else will read, I have blood oozing from my knuckles from where I meticulously lined my computer chair up, took a deep breath and jammed two or three of the hardest punches I could muster into the plastic backing whilst exhaling and screaming “F*CK” at the top of my lungs. Yes my friends, I have almost certainly tilted my balls off this evening, and if nothing else this bl ... <a href="/blogs/kepalto/86501-Tilting-like-a-mofo">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty

Best tilt on film ever?

2012-01-29 06:46 AM

Have you ever felt like this during a session?   I used to just snap like that. I’d start going allin every hand like a maniac until my account was empty. But doing things like this is not a death sentence. Today, I won more in a single session than my biggest tilted chipdump ($200 back in 2007 playing 10NL and 25NL) in what I will call my “dark ages.” If you want to change, you can, and you will, if you only set yo ... <a href="/blogs/nawhead/85531-Best-tilt-on-film-ever-">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty

Housekeeping (Focus)

2011-12-29 01:53 AM

Currently, I’m deleting some of the random, less performance/poker/gambling-related entries on my blog. Aggressive Certainty is not my facebook, and wallowing is not productive, and my inner speech was wrong in those posts. In essence, this is my mental performance log which I hope to use later on to help others. Yup, pretty boring.  FOCUS!! I’m just happy to be here, and I hope I can help the ball club. I just wanna give ... <a href="/blogs/nawhead/83811-Housekeeping-Focus-">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty

(Not) Keeping Goals

2011-12-20 11:57 PM

There will be no more goal pimping on this blog (after this one obviously). No more “gonna do this, gonna do that.” The Mornings Are Win entry was a total fail. I played 3 morning sessions then stopped playing poker entirely. My motivation fell off a cliff. I’ve fallen into the announcement trap. What. The. Mother. Effer. I fell for the announcement trap.  Hey Dave, remember that video clip you saw a few months back and tal ... <a href="/blogs/nawhead/83521--Not-Keeping-Goals">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty


2011-12-11 04:38 PM

I’m bored of poker.  I haven’t played a single hand in days.   “But we’re only in the middle act!”   “What about the 50K challenge?” I know.  I just.  I dunno.  I feel a huge nothingness right now.  I wanna smash that alarm clock. I defragged my hard drive last night while staring at the progress screen. Then I organized my bookmarks. Then did about 10 minutes of poker drills. Then took a nap. Then woke up and researched LCD screens that ... <a href="/blogs/nawhead/83071-Bored">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty

Old Master Speaks

2011-11-29 06:08 AM

From Wikipedia: Ben Hogan is generally considered one of the greatest players in the history of the game of golf and widely acknowledged to have been the greatest ball striker ever to have played golf. “You hear stories about me beating my brains out practicing, but I was enjoying myself. I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning so I could hit balls. When I’m hitting the ball where I want, hard and crisply, it’s a joy that ver ... <a href="/blogs/nawhead/82211-Old-Master-Speaks">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty

Be Like Gravity

2011-11-25 03:14 AM

[an excerpt from Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi] As my new manager, Perry’s primary task is finding me a new coach, someone to replace Nick. He draws up a short list of candidates, and at the top of the list is a guy who’s just written a book about tennis: Winning Ugly. Perry hands me the book, urges me to read it. I shoot him a dirty look. Thanks, no thanks. No more school for me. Besides, I don’t need to read th ... <a href="/blogs/nawhead/81901-Be-Like-Gravity">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty

Good Horse, Bad Horse

2011-10-27 12:59 AM

[I’m just going to keep posting sections from Mastery on my blog. I love books that keep growing on me. I love it when my first impressions are wrong.  Unexpected gifts are that much sweeter!] An excerpt from Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment by George Leonard: Good Horse, Bad Horse     In his book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind , Zen master Shunryu Suzuki  approaches the question of fast and s ... <a href="/blogs/nawhead/79571-Good-Horse-Bad-Horse">(continued)</a>


Aggressive Certainty

The Joy of Regular Practice

2011-10-19 08:12 PM

I’m re-reading “Mastery” right now because I feel like I’m not progressing as steadily as I should, and I’m having trouble keeping up with the goals I’m setting for myself.  It culminated last night in a bad dream in which I was on the forums reading something by Grindcore, when suddenly I was struck by the sickening realization that I had no idea what he was talking about while everybody else was nodding in agreemen ... <a href="/blogs/nawhead/79051-The-Joy-of-Regular-Practice">(continued)</a>

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