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Database Review: Chris - Floats and Squ...

by sthief09, over 2 years ago, 24 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Database Review: Luke - The Squeeze Play

by sthief09, almost 3 years ago, 26 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Advanced PLO Concepts: Playing Static B...

by KasinoKrime, almost 3 years ago, 34 min

Pot-Limit Omaha

$$, 6M

Beating Live SSNL: Limped Pots

by danzasmack, about 3 years ago, 35 min

No Limit Hold'Em


Advanced PLO Concepts: Playing 3-bet Po...

by KasinoKrime, over 3 years ago, 31 min

Pot-Limit Omaha

$$, 6M

Search and Destroy 2: arizonabay - Play...

by sthief09, over 3 years ago, 34 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Search and Destroy 2: arizonabay - Anal...

by sthief09, over 3 years ago, 34 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

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From losing to Whatever...

Math and Play

2013-05-30 09:15 PM

So today I worked a little more on my playing IP vs EP. Yes it’s probably not the most usual spot, but since we are talking more about tight ranges, I guess it can be a little bit easier, as I am trying some stuff with my math, to see if a can get to some answers. I need to get a more better ideia of how EV really works. Yeah I know how it is calculated, and in theory I know how it works, but I’m trying to get more confor ... <a href="/blogs/pedrogrande/101191-Math-and-Play">(continued)</a>


Diary of a Donk: Escaping the Dungeons of Online Poker...

Couple of 3b pots out of position...

2012-03-19 12:50 PM

Below are a couple of hands from my session today, the first one I flagged up because it involved playing a 3b pot out of position against a guy who was on the passive side of taggy. Apart from the fact I hit a serious one-time on the river, which is obviously awesome, I’m thinking what should I have done if this river was a brick, say the 4 or 6  instead of the 5 that happens to promote me to a set? The sec ... <a href="/blogs/kepalto/87891-Couple-of-3b-pots-out-of-position-">(continued)</a>


Jubs Blog

PLO From Scratch - P2 Summary

2011-04-22 12:49 PM

The first step for me on my road to mastering PLO is to read all of Bugs’ articles ‘PLO from Scratch’, I have herd great things about them and the best thing is that it says the views of the page….and its only 329! So that means that all though they have had great reviews, not everyone knows about them. And no doubt many of those views are the same people 3, 4, 5+ times. Of course not all great PLO players will rea ... <a href="/blogs/jubinator/65651-PLO-From-Scratch-P2-Summary">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

Clearly ESPN doesn't have a DC membership

2010-07-30 07:47 AM

Seen on ESPN during the first 2010 WSOP episode (probably the single most popular series of poker media in the world):


432A Badugi Poker

Breaking Badugi 2

2010-05-09 02:20 AM

My breaking badugi post showed a hand with break value but I didn’t really talk much about that. I figured most people will look at the hand and see what I’m talking about. I should not assume that’s the case. I had The 3 card hand within that, 642x is a good drawing hand. Ok Bob but we have a badugi so who cares if it has good draws? Well my good reader, YOU do. What is the object of the game of badugi? It’s not to m ... <a href="/blogs/432a/22701-Breaking-Badugi-2">(continued)</a>


432A Badugi Poker

Breaking Badugi

2010-05-08 07:35 AM

This hand happened last night after my post and it’s an example of break strength. When I raised here I fully expected a fold or two. Not only do I not get any folds but UTG takes 3 and the SB comes along to draw 2 every street. The reason I left the names in is so a certain someone can see the hand. The BTN questioned my play saying “what a weird thing to do.. stand pat, raise and then draw” and “weak hand or bluff”. ... <a href="/blogs/432a/22631-Breaking-Badugi">(continued)</a>


432A Badugi Poker

Hand selection, position and player tendencies in FL Badugi SnGs.

2010-05-07 02:23 PM

This is not going to be so much a starting hands article as it is about hand selection, the importance position and what I like to call “the table”. I never really noticed the table till I started playing badugi. I’ve seen sort of the effect I’m talking about in other casino games but not poker. Schooling is part of “the table” effect. Schooling is where you have cards bu ... <a href="/blogs/432a/22551-Hand-selection-position-and-player-tendencies-in-FL-Badugi-SnGs-">(continued)</a>


PLO Style

Position, Position, Position...or...I'm Leakin', BringDaAmbalamp

2010-02-27 07:14 AM

Position is important in PLO . Play tight from the blinds and in EP. That is all.


Doin' the job

Stop calling OOP

2009-12-19 08:54 PM

OK, so I was trying to come to terms with the fact that I sucked at poker, but I couldn’t work out why I was losing money and breaking even. So, I posted my stats and my graphs on the forums and I got some good feedback – when I was playing as the aggressor I was doing well, but when people started betting and raising into me I became a complete calling station. I went into Poker Tracker and looked at my stats for hand ... <a href="/blogs/thelynchmob/3581-Stop-calling-OOP">(continued)</a>

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