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Pokersense: Episode Six

by WiltOnTilt, over 6 years ago, 62 min



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News For Every Soul That Eats, Lives and Breathes Poker

Two Main Obstructions in Legalization Of Online Poker

2014-12-19 05:21 PM

Whenever we see people winning big on online poker, we cannot but feel a slight envy, for the sheer comfort in which the person wins. You could be sipping a mug of coffee and let the bankroll grow, thanks to that favorite track playing on your music system, that keeps you in the right mood, prevents you from tilting and lets you take decisions right. I was wondering about this with a friend wh ... <a href="/blogs/news/105481-Two-Main-Obstructions-in-Legalization-Of-Online-Poker">(continued)</a>


Danzasmack Plays Cards

Blog post?

2012-05-08 04:51 PM

Nope, just Chuck Testing.


The Barber's Chair

My poker history 2009--Part 3

2011-11-02 07:50 PM

To all of my loyal blog fans… Hello? Is this thing on? 1…2…3…. testing… Here is my last installment of my poker history for the year 2009. I have been writing blog entries on the some other topics at another site, so I apologize for the long delay.   After a bout with shingles, being a new parent of twin boys and being utterly exhausted, I decided to take the rest of July off. In fact, I hadn’t really known wheth ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/79951-My-poker-history-2009-Part-3">(continued)</a>


The Barber's Chair

So, how is the poker playing going?

2011-10-11 08:23 PM

I haven’t given an update on much of my poker playing for a good reason. My poker challenge of zero to hero was going well up until the month of September when I focused primarily on NLHE. The easiest way to describe it would be…falling off a cliff followed by an uptick to breakeven over the course of another 3,000 hands followed by another cliff. Much like the offensive line of the Chicago Bears this seas ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/78451-So-how-is-the-poker-playing-going-">(continued)</a>


The Barber's Chair

My poker history 2009 Part 2

2011-08-28 08:21 PM

If I was playing like a lion in March, then I was definitely being showered in April as my rungood continued. I started off the month playing .50-1 and dabbled a little bit in NL10. How hard could NLHE be? After a few days of breakeven no-limit, I pushed the idea to the side and finally started to add some 1-2 FR LHE tables in to the mix with some nice success. My plan was to play my regular preflop game, but to ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/76031-My-poker-history-2009-Part-2">(continued)</a>


The Barber's Chair

My poker history 2009 Part 1

2011-08-24 09:24 PM

2009 was the first year that I felt more confident in my poker game, especially when it came to LHE. I had been playing .50-1 online and knew that I was a winning player over a long enough sample size. I had built my online bankroll up to the point where I had a good amount of cushion for the next level up at 1-2 if I felt confident in the jump. Normally you want between 250-500 BBs at the stake you’re normally a ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/75701-My-poker-history-2009-Part-1">(continued)</a>


The Barber's Chair

Coming to you live in God's Country.

2011-08-18 06:38 PM

So I decided to learn how to play Backgammon a few days ago. I saw a Hoyle’s rules book in the beach house where I am staying and took a break from kid duty to read the rules. There was a backgammon set, but I didn’t have anyone to play with, so I downloaded a droid application and went on to play over 200 games at different skill levels. This may be the next thing I become hooked on, unless I try Bacca ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/75351-Coming-to-you-live-in-God-s-Country-">(continued)</a>


Coherent Babble

Attention All Poker Players

2011-04-16 08:19 PM

Online poker in the U.S. has taken a huge blow and the ramifications across the industry are still to be determined, but needless to say there will be many changes.  Many are distraught to the point of drinking, whining, going crazy, and yes, even thinking of playing live poker.  I don’t blame any of them.  I would, however, like to offer a different perspective. The old adage is that when one door closes, ano ... <a href="/blogs/tecmosuperbowl/65051-Attention-All-Poker-Players">(continued)</a>


30k in 6 months

grinding etc

2011-02-17 11:41 AM

I played a lot of hours this month so far. I try to play an average of 4 hours a day which normally means I get to play 2-3k hands. At the moment I feel good about it, but I know that I have to make some changes to keep being able doing that. My average day looks like this: Getting up at 9:30am, work from 10am to 3pm, dinner, poker from 4pm to 8/10pm, and then doing what I want to do. Tbh, after working for 9-11 hours (poker is fun ... <a href="/blogs/civstar/57491-grinding-etc">(continued)</a>


Poker Nut to be more a NUT

Live Poker vs. Online Poker w/ 3 kids and a neglective wife

2010-12-24 10:40 PM

I am perplexed as to what to do. I love Poker but I love my family much more. I am seeking a balance of the both loves. My family of course does come first but want to “fit in” poker.  I have found a local poker league that I can work in on Sunday afternoons. I am excited to always play live. I also see that I can go pretty well playing just once a week and get good practice. I also ... <a href="/blogs/whitelextown/50291-Live-Poker-vs-Online-Poker-w-3-kids-and-a-neglective-wife">(continued)</a>

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