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Goodnight Moon Leaks: Episode 10

by threads13, about 18 hours ago, 23 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 4 tables, 6M

Dissecting The Enemy: Part 2

by Carroters, 12 days ago, 35 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Goodnight Moon Leaks: Episode 9

by threads13, 15 days ago, 52 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 4 tables, 6M

Goodnight Moon Leaks: Episode 8

by threads13, 22 days ago, 49 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 4 tables, 6M

Carroters Plays: 2-tabling 50NL Zoom

by Carroters, 25 days ago, 44 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 2 tables, 6M

Goodnight Moon Leaks: Episode 7

by threads13, 29 days ago, 47 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Goldseraph Plays: Deep Stacks at 50NL F...

by goldseraph, about 1 month ago, 32 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 4 tables, FR

Goodnight Moon Leaks: Episode 6

by threads13, about 1 month ago, 44 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Goodnight Moon Leaks: Episode 5 - Defen...

by threads13, about 1 month ago, 43 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Familiarization: Episode 6

by Carroters, about 1 month ago, 44 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

nlhe Poker Articles

3-betting is Overrated
by BalugaWhale on over 9 years ago

Hey y’all I’m chilling at Logan airport in boston waiting for my flight to leave for the British Virgin Islands (supposedly paradise), and so i’m going to write a little bit about why I think 3-betting is overused. Essentially, I think 3-betting is something that average play... Read More

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Paandaa's poker journey.


2016-01-29 10:56 AM

Just a little about me to start off this blog thing,,,  I’ve been in the USAF for 20 years. I picked up online poker in 2009.  I never really put too much work into it back then, other than playing a few hours a week,  mostly play money.  When I finally decided to put some actual cash in my Full Tilt account, the FBI decided they had other ideas and I lost my first real money bankroll within 3 or 4 months, albeit a very modest amount.   ... <a href="/blogs/paandaa/107221-Intro">(continued)</a>


DeucesCracked FAQ Blog

Your Guide to NLHE

2015-09-14 03:37 PM

Welcome to the DeucesCrackedFAQ blog! Here we’ll be covering different things currently available to our members here at DeucesCracked, as well as any new and exciting offers that may come along! Today we’re going to start with a little know feature we have here on DC, our Guide to NLHE . The guide has 3 separate tracks, one for live NL, one for online, and one for general poker theory. You should watch them al ... <a href="/blogs/deucescrackedfaq/107111-Your-Guide-to-NLHE">(continued)</a>


Confessions of a microstakes loser

2015-07-19 11:37 AM

I have been playing online poker for around a year now, and have been taking it more seriously in the last six or so month. For those last six months I have been losing money, and have been telling myself one huge, fat lie: I am a winning player at the level I am playing at BUT I rarely concentrate fully/sometimes I just play for fun/sometimes I get unlucky. Yesterday while watching the first episode of T ... <a href="/blogs/persephoney/107031-Confessions-of-a-microstakes-loser">(continued)</a>


GTO? Doesn't Pontiac make those?

Taking the Next Step.

2015-01-29 03:22 AM

Hello All, First things first, the purpose of this blog is to be a reminder of my goals and to document my progress.  If any of you decide to follow along or comment on anything, it’s just gravy.  I have played poker for 9 years now, mostly live.  I currently play and have been staked at live $2/5 and $5/10 cash games (NLHE, PLO, and Big O), as well as some of the smaller WSOP tournaments during the summer.  I have bee ... <a href="/blogs/dougbug808/105731-Taking-the-Next-Step-">(continued)</a>


Meddling Midstakes

Bad Turn of Events

2013-06-21 07:24 PM

My heart after reading in the forums No more ninja advice :-/ Thinking of taking challenge of becoming profitable in NLHE?   Hope the best for Improva and Shuttle, and to those that made them leave….  *not a gif — stop hitting F5 to see, if it will move


Gonna start a blog

Leaks, DC50k, year in review, PLO rake:(

2012-12-26 10:40 PM

Christmas meant Santa got me Veneers awesome NLHE book and Jeff Hwangs PLO series so fun reading ahead. I also have 3 weeks off in January to complete my DC50k challenge. I aim to start with NLHE 6 max at 10NL and then grind it up and I might move to some PLO if I’m feeling frisky. Not sure what site or sites yet, may give FT a go, havent deposited yet and they have some bonus thingy still I hope! So 2012 f ... <a href="/blogs/mi5-mark/97641-Leaks-DC50k-year-in-review-PLO-rake-">(continued)</a>


Summer of Love (and beyond?)

Putting my head down to the results.

2012-05-18 07:15 AM

As you can see by my last few entries I have been going through some struggles lately.  I won’t go into too much detail about them here because they have already been explained.  Anyway, after I had limited myself to a few short 30-minute burst sessions of 4-tabling 6 max games with reviews in between, watching some related poker vids, and then making some goals based off of it all, I got ready to sit down a ... <a href="/blogs/nicname/90611-Putting-my-head-down-to-the-results-">(continued)</a>


Summer of Love (and beyond?)

My play the last two weeks.

2012-05-11 12:24 AM

  Above is my graph for the last two weeks of playing poker.  The first 600 hands or so was a super small sample size of me playing super-aggro and getting on the right side of luck, eventually I crashed pretty hard and really started concentrating on respecting villain raises, keeping sessions under control, etc.  I was also watching the coaching kristy series and trying to apply that to my game.  In turn my results ... <a href="/blogs/nicname/90311-My-play-the-last-two-weeks-">(continued)</a>


rapeface2k blog

October: Coaching, it's good for you

2011-10-30 12:15 PM

For like a month and a half ago, I posted this thread in the DC microstakes forums, where I ask how I should become better without paying for coaching. I was probably in a massive downswing, and I wasn’t paying enough attention to stacksizes and some other important stuff that I do now. I tried for like 2 weeks after this thread, to watch videos, take notes and so on. But still I was paying my monies to t ... <a href="/blogs/rapeface2k/79711-October-Coaching-it-s-good-for-you">(continued)</a>


The Barber's Chair

So, how is the poker playing going?

2011-10-11 08:23 PM

I haven’t given an update on much of my poker playing for a good reason. My poker challenge of zero to hero was going well up until the month of September when I focused primarily on NLHE. The easiest way to describe it would be…falling off a cliff followed by an uptick to breakeven over the course of another 3,000 hands followed by another cliff. Much like the offensive line of the Chicago Bears this seas ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/78451-So-how-is-the-poker-playing-going-">(continued)</a>

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