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Using Stats and Software: Advanced Stats

by threads13, about 2 years ago, 34 min

No Limit Hold'Em


Using Stats and Software: Introduction

by threads13, about 2 years ago, 54 min

No Limit Hold'Em


Beginning O8: 2 Tabling O8 with a HUD

by danzasmack, over 2 years ago, 47 min

Omaha/Omaha 8

$, 2 tables

Ringside: Goldseraph - Carbon 100nl

by goldseraph, over 2 years ago, 53 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6 tables, FR

Search and Destroy 2: Interpreting HUD ...

by sthief09, over 3 years ago, 61 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Search and Destroy 2: Your Database Gol...

by sthief09, over 3 years ago, 69 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Ringside: Goldseraph (#20) - Anonymous ...

by goldseraph, over 3 years ago, 29 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, FR

Search and Destroy 2: Introduction

by sthief09, over 3 years ago, 42 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 6M

Ringside: Goldseraph (#17) - Stats and ...

by goldseraph, about 4 years ago, 60 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, FR

Tool Time: Using the Holdem Manager HUD

by DJ Sensei, about 9 years ago, 13 min


$, 6M

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PLO Pimpin'

Building The Perfect HUD

2015-04-28 12:15 AM

Hey! I just recorded this video that will help you build a HUD from scratch, or optimize the HUD you already have (efficiency FTW).  Specifically, you’re going to learn: Why a PokerTracker Expert believes the HUD to be the most overvalued part of the software Why LOW Stakes players gain the most value from HUD’s The optimal learning/grinding ratio, and where to devote your time post-session Which stats are ... <a href="/blogs/kasinokrime/106861-Building-The-Perfect-HUD">(continued)</a>


Microstakes Education

Use the force, Luke

2012-01-23 02:01 AM

I have been playing at PKR this week. All its fancy graphics means that HEM Hud doesn’t work there, so I have had to use the force instead :) Several coaches here have recommended trying to play without a HUD and I agree.  Before I would categorize all 20/18 Tag’s the same but now I treat each player differently. I now pay attention to villains postflop tendencies and how I should adjust to exploit. I also think I was ... <a href="/blogs/pavman/85251-Use-the-force-Luke">(continued)</a>


Fear and Loathing at the Micros

From 2NL to 5NL - The Psychology of Moving Up

2011-03-20 10:15 PM

I finally moved up this weekend. From 2NL to 5NL – wow! I cashed in $10 rakeback and had 70BI’s for 2NL. More than enough for 5NL. I was $15 or 7.5 BI’s @2NL – up for the week as of Friday – so I was playing well and I felt good. Time to move up.  I played 1500 hands at 5NL 4 tabling and I lost including what I had won – $38 or almost 9 BI’s for 5NL. (Excluding the bonus). Wow just wow. So did th ... <a href="/blogs/captainscope/61401-From-2NL-to-5NL-The-Psychology-of-Moving-Up">(continued)</a>


Fear and Loathing at the Micros

Use the Force, you know like in Star Wars....

2011-02-24 10:58 PM

OK not gonna beat around the bush here. Confession. I have not used a HUD for the past 2 weeks. Why? Well for starters at 2NL the player pool is so massive your only ever gonna have a 100 hands on any “reg” opponent if you are lucky at the most. But the main reason I turned it off was 2 fold – one I was making calls or shoves based on opponents stats and the players at 2NL are just too irratic to r ... <a href="/blogs/captainscope/58471-Use-the-Force-you-know-like-in-Star-Wars-">(continued)</a>


HUD help needed

2010-11-11 02:21 PM

Hi guys, this is my first post on this site, and I’m looking for some help on how the HUD works on PokerTracker. My questions are: 1) How does VPIP work? Does this increase only with a limp, or are raises included? What about calling a raise, does this affect it? 2) Does calling a limp and calling someone elses raise affect different stats? 3) If for example, all you ever did was call from the small blind if no one had raised, ch ... <a href="/blogs/brodog/44661-HUD-help-needed">(continued)</a>


Running for the red line

The HUD debate continues, while HEM rebrands

2010-01-22 11:12 PM

Bankroll $165, 52k hands, 2.42 BB/100 16/12/2.94 A lot of debate still going on about Rush Poker, what it means for the fish, what it means for the Regs. Twitter is pretty quiet about it surprisingly. A few bricks and mortar players celbrating what they perceive to be a death knell for the cyberpunk Hud addicts. I wonder particularly though how this can be leveraged to bring new recreational players o ... <a href="/blogs/ron0914/8001-The-HUD-debate-continues-while-HEM-rebrands">(continued)</a>

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