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The Degnovic Blog

Let the Grinding Begin

2012-09-12 10:33 AM

(This is a cross post from my new blog I just started. You can find it at ). I don’t know if starting my blog got me some run good, but the same night as I posted it, I shipped the Rolling in the Deep tournament at PKR for a nice bankroll boost. So I guess I’m off to a pretty good start. I’m ready to grind some tournaments again today and I’m pretty motivated. I’ve just picked up so ... <a href="/blogs/degnovic/93971-Let-the-Grinding-Begin">(continued)</a>


30k in 6 months

grinding etc

2011-02-17 11:41 AM

I played a lot of hours this month so far. I try to play an average of 4 hours a day which normally means I get to play 2-3k hands. At the moment I feel good about it, but I know that I have to make some changes to keep being able doing that. My average day looks like this: Getting up at 9:30am, work from 10am to 3pm, dinner, poker from 4pm to 8/10pm, and then doing what I want to do. Tbh, after working for 9-11 hours (poker is fun ... <a href="/blogs/civstar/57491-grinding-etc">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

"Writers Block"

2010-12-09 09:37 AM

I can tell I’ve gone too long without posting when my dad emails me wondering why.  So, here’s a quick update on the assorted goings-on of yours truly: I finished up the 40k hands challenge, but the last 13k hands were a pretty nasty downswing and I finished it down $, so I wasn’t in much of a mood to write about it. There were basically two weeks where I couldn’t win anything (not even board games with friends or ultimate fris ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/48571--Writers-Block-">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

Volume Prop: Week 1.7 update

2010-10-30 06:30 AM

After last week’s mediocre results, I realized that playing 12+ tables, while great for getting tons of hands in, is not so great for playing well and winning money. The games aren’t exactly 2005 PartyPoker quality; I need to actually be on my A game to be winning at a decent clip. So, I decided to cut down on tables, playing between 6 and 9, and aim for quality over quantity. The stakes of the bet aren’t actually t ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/43121-Volume-Prop-Week-1-7-update">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

Volume Prop: Week 1 update

2010-10-25 08:10 AM

I got off to a quick start this week, knowing that this challenge would be a lot more manageable and enjoyable if I got ahead of schedule early. I’ve been playing mostly 2/4-5/10 PLO on Stars, 9-12 tabling. This is more tables than I’m accustomed to, but I feel pretty capable with TableNinja on my side. I put in long sessions Monday through Thursday, and while there was some sense of accomplishment for actually grindi ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/42391-Volume-Prop-Week-1-update">(continued)</a>


Doin' the job

Grinding, and coaching

2010-10-15 09:50 PM

So I’ve been playing a lot of full ring recently. My shot at 100NL started brilliantly and got progressively worse, and I ended up going on a $1k downswing, my biggest ever. Not much I can do about it apart from pick myself up the floor and get back grinding, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve also started getting coaching from citizenwind, a prominent CardRunners coach. Sorry to defect DC guys, but he is a fantastic ... <a href="/blogs/thelynchmob/41421-Grinding-and-coaching">(continued)</a>


Doin' the job


2010-09-28 10:29 AM

I started a thread on 2p2 about my switching over to full ring full time, so I thought I might as well post it here as well. I started playing online poker seriously about 15 months ago. When I first started, I jumped into full ring, because that’s all I knew. I quickly found 2p2 and made the transition to 6max, because that’s what all the cool kids played, and I was told it was much more profitable. Here are my 6max results: Â ... <a href="/blogs/thelynchmob/39471-Ringside">(continued)</a>


Juggling life and Poker

Super Nova during July and thoughts of SNE in 2011

2010-06-29 04:15 AM

Ok.  So there has been some requests about putting a blog together for my journey getting Super Nova in July and also about my approach on SNE during 2011. In July, I am going to grind out about 240k hands at 50nl-100nl.  Not sure on how the volume will go, but have been running really hot the last 20k hands at 50nl (like ~10BB/100) so will probably be moving up after the first week of grin ... <a href="/blogs/falker34/30361-Super-Nova-during-July-and-thoughts-of-SNE-in-2011">(continued)</a>


The upward dig out of a deep hole


2010-05-20 07:18 AM

Ok so I spent some time at a friends place last night… after ranting my frustrations at life, I think I’m ready to start rebuilding. Spent the morning doing some things I’d been putting off for ages – setting up my business properly (I do multimedia design/3D animation so if anyone is interested in offering me work, send me a message). Lots more to do but its a start. Yesterday on one of my toughest days, I gave the Turbo F ... <a href="/blogs/iwinrarrr/24301-Rebuilding">(continued)</a>


From 400$ to 10000$ and above

From 400$ to 10,000$ and above

2010-05-17 03:21 PM

Hello! I’m still studying and I want to start making money out of poker. I know it’s not going to be easy but I am really onto this. I lost like 200$ with doing mindless stupid things and now I want to be the one getting the money off the tables. I am probably going to start with around 400$ and I will be playing 20-30 SNGs/ per day at 5$ buy-in. I know it’s probably not really right to play 30 out of your 8 ... <a href="/blogs/tiraninbg/23911-From-400-to-10-000-and-above">(continued)</a>

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