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Shuffle and Flow: Episode Seven

by Travis Steffen, over 6 years ago, 42 min



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Travis Steffen's DC Blog

All settled in

2010-09-14 07:07 PM

I just got out to LA to my new place, got the internet hooked up and started catching up on all the work I’ve gotta do. I’m pretty backed up with emails from clients, tasks for different businesses, inquiries and the like – but I’m slowly getting up to speed. My place is a little more ghetto than I’m used to, but it’s still fairly decent. In all honesty I could have gotten nicer place, but I wanted to move out with some fr ... <a href="/blogs/travis-steffen/38061-All-settled-in">(continued)</a>


United Kingdom of Boomer

I'm on a Diet....

2009-06-20 06:45 PM

….so whoever reads this has to suffer as well!!! Bascailly decided that it’s time to do something about the fact I’m not terribly in shape. The fact I was quite athletic in the past (played Cricket and football YES FOOTBALL !!! at excellence level) and am fairly tall (6’ 4") means I get away with it some but it’s time to quit the self-delusion before I hit 30 and it’s too late to do anything about it. So I’m gonna ... <a href="/blogs/boomer/243-I-m-on-a-Diet-">(continued)</a>

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