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Don't Call It a Comeback!

2011-02-06 12:14 PM

It’s been some time since I’ve posted and I will show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So much going on in my life.  I’m not getting better but falling on the worse side.  My insurance broker just fucked me when I changed my policy for this year they screwed up the paper work and I have no coverage.  I found out when I went to get 2 prescription refills and they said $2349!  And I have 4 more!  Sign me up for the Is ... <a href="/blogs/imill/55951-Don-t-Call-It-a-Comeback-">(continued)</a>


Bow to Your Sensei!

Feel the Rushhhh

2011-01-07 07:49 AM

I might as well spill the beans here, because I think I’d like to get some more feedback before I get to work: I’m working on a Rush PLO series for the upcoming season. As such, I’ve been grinding a ton of .50/1 rush PLO and trying to crack the code. Its going fairly well, although the variance is silly huge (standard deviation so far = 145.5 bb/100!). Today I had a particularly good session: A side benefit of all this rush g ... <a href="/blogs/djsensei/51921-Feel-the-Rushhhh">(continued)</a>


Like NY Football I Suck

2010-12-28 06:16 AM

It’s a straight fact.  I have been struggling so bad lately I just can’t stop it from happening.  Who wins 10 buy ins and loses 10 buy ins the next day?  I do.  I really begin to question if I have actually learned something this past year.  I mean come on.  50NL forever?  Well I can’t say that since I had to cash out $1250 this month but I don’t deserve to move up anyway.  The Jets suck.  The Giants suck.  I suck big moos ... <a href="/blogs/imill/50571-Like-NY-Football-I-Suck">(continued)</a>


Change My Screen Name to NY Jets

2010-12-13 08:05 AM

Yeah it’s that bad (actually better than) since I’ve broken even another week.  Unlike those bums wasting my time.  All hyped up for the Giants game Monday Night.  Gotta keep up with Philly.  But enough about football, let’s talk poker. Ok so I’ve had a “swingy” week leading to a break-even and I only say that because after midnight I loss a massive hand Nut straight&lt;top 2.  Anyway I had a great sweat session w ... <a href="/blogs/imill/48931-Change-My-Screen-Name-to-NY-Jets">(continued)</a>


Doin' the job

Ship the Black Card

2010-11-03 10:23 PM

I was just about to finish a session of 50NL 6max when I saw that my 500-day rolling average of FTPs was 499.98 (had a screenshot, but deleted it, oops). So, I fired up a couple of tables, played like 20 more hands, stacked a guy AA vs KK all-in preflop, and achieved black card status. Ship it! Apparently I now get 2x FTPs, which is nice. I’m about 10k points away from a 27 inch HD monitor, which I think I’ll get when I can. Should be in the next few days or so.



Change of direction

2010-10-09 08:05 PM

Last time I though about going for the black card and the day after writing it I decided to go for it. Today however I finally managed to gather enough time(hangover-couldn’t play) to work on some stuff and I decided to watch Real Life Micro SNG Grinder Episode 8. This was 100% what I needed even though I knew(to some extent) decent part of the material before.It made me want to change the direction I was going in. Instead o ... <a href="/blogs/tychoon/40761-Change-of-direction">(continued)</a>



FTP black card

2010-10-02 09:34 PM

I’ve been thinking about going for the black card. It seemed really tough at 7fpp/1$ but now it actually seems pretty realistic even with school and everything. Basically I can get 2k-2.5k fpp-s over the weekend which requires me to get an additional 1k-1.5k during work days. Nothing impossible unless some really time consuming stuff comes up. If nothing else then the black card is another source of motivation. Once I get it it s ... <a href="/blogs/tychoon/40071-FTP-black-card">(continued)</a>


60% of the time it works every time

Got something beastly and useless (FTP Black Card)

2010-09-30 08:37 PM

  Got the Black Card with the number of the beast. Now there’s just a question how much the Black Card is worth? My hopes were up that the exclusive store might feature some better deals and give FTPs some more value. I was hoping it would be closer to Supernova with the cash bonuses, as it’s a bit over Supernova with the requirements. I don’t know how many Black Card tournaments there will be and ... <a href="/blogs/jtx/39781-Got-something-beastly-and-useless-FTP-Black-Card-">(continued)</a>



Full Tilt Poker Black Card

2010-09-25 10:01 AM It’s on. September 30th 2010.  

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