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Baby Steps: Episode Two

by tubasteve, about 9 years ago, 52 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, 2 tables, 6M

beginner Poker Articles

Introduction to 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball
by DeathDonkey on over 9 years ago

Believe it or not, there are poker games besides Texas Hold'em (or possibly if you are from the East Coast and not of the Rounders age, seven card stud).  If you ever tire of playing the same old game everyday, or you aren't achieving the results you want, maybe you should try learning... Read More

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DeucesCracked FAQ Blog

Your Guide to NLHE

2015-09-14 03:37 PM

Welcome to the DeucesCrackedFAQ blog! Here we’ll be covering different things currently available to our members here at DeucesCracked, as well as any new and exciting offers that may come along! Today we’re going to start with a little know feature we have here on DC, our Guide to NLHE . The guide has 3 separate tracks, one for live NL, one for online, and one for general poker theory. You should watch them al ... <a href="/blogs/deucescrackedfaq/107111-Your-Guide-to-NLHE">(continued)</a>


Confessions of a microstakes loser

2015-07-19 11:37 AM

I have been playing online poker for around a year now, and have been taking it more seriously in the last six or so month. For those last six months I have been losing money, and have been telling myself one huge, fat lie: I am a winning player at the level I am playing at BUT I rarely concentrate fully/sometimes I just play for fun/sometimes I get unlucky. Yesterday while watching the first episode of T ... <a href="/blogs/persephoney/107031-Confessions-of-a-microstakes-loser">(continued)</a>


Starting Out

The Start of a Long Journey.

2013-10-22 10:29 PM

Hey all, Thought it may be interesting for someone who has just peaked into the rabbit hole to blog and talk about their own growth, whats helped them and how they found the information to improve. Perhaps a bit of background information would be useful. I’ve recently turned 18 and started to pursue online poker, literally around 2-3 months. I’m from the UK and work part-time in an awful job (isnt everyones!) and ... <a href="/blogs/rufflovin/102811-The-Start-of-a-Long-Journey-">(continued)</a>


Stairway To Somewhere

Free Videos by James "SplitSuit" Sweeny

2013-09-08 01:57 AM

Hey DC, So I found another set of informative videos for you. They are by James “SplitSuit” Sweeny (as stated in the title). I have a few videos from him and they are all really good! The thing that I like most about them is that they are short and to-the-point ! The explanations he gives when talking about topic he explains as if the person he is talking to is a complete beginner at hold’em. He gives ... <a href="/blogs/yumwater/102261-Free-Videos-by-James-SplitSuit-Sweeny">(continued)</a>


Stairway To Somewhere

Sharing is caring!

2013-09-07 09:01 PM

So in my last blog I stated how fairly new I am to the world of poker (I’m like a new born, if you missed it). I was browsing through the forums and I came upon this thread: Lack of Micro Content . Before I saw this thread I thought that I was the only that was brand new to the poker scene, with no clue as to go about my way out of the forest of poker. So what I plan on doing, in addition to just writing my poker experienc ... <a href="/blogs/yumwater/102251-Sharing-is-caring-">(continued)</a>


Stairway To Somewhere

Since the first step.

2013-08-23 10:01 PM

So I’m writing this first entry a few days after my  initial deposit at Carbon Poker. Currently I am playing in 4NL and plan on moving on up when I have felt that I can comfortably beat these stakes.  During those first few steps of the way I had many up and downs but so far it seems that I’m staying on ground and the swell step. Watching these videos on DC is helping me a lot. I’ve also bought a 2 books to help get me s ... <a href="/blogs/yumwater/102121-Since-the-first-step-">(continued)</a>


Captains Blog

First Post

2012-07-05 04:23 AM

My first blog post at DC.  I have been playing poker on and off forbout 6 years now.  I didn’t really get into it much until recently.  I found a $1/$2 no limit game close enough to me.  I like the game, its technically not no limit, it is 100max, but it plays like no limit since most people buy in with $100.  I like it better than the limit game because at least you have a chance to protect your hand in the $100 max.  I went there ... <a href="/blogs/john82187/92211-First-Post">(continued)</a>


Im on a mission

First post

2012-03-11 09:34 PM

So here we go people, Im on my way to building a bankroll. I played poker on and off for about 4 years now. I was starting to get serious online until full tilt got shut down in the US. About 3 weeks ago i found a site ti play on and depositied $20. As of now i have $42 in my account. I guess i should be happy that i have doubled my investment. I cant help but feel like i should be winning more though. I have been playing a few ... <a href="/blogs/johnontilt87/87471-First-post">(continued)</a>



2012-01-05 06:56 PM

Hihi, to put all posts that follow into perspective, I figured I should give a quick introduction. Currently I am living in Bayreuth, Germany. The reason I am living in the middle of nowhere is the university here. It has a very good reputation for my area of studies, which is law. Another week and I will be done with law, at least for a while. That is unless my oral final goes crash and burn. Since me and law ... <a href="/blogs/mastergodfather/84291-Introduction">(continued)</a>


Journal of a Poker Education.

First Steps in Reflexive Practice in Poker

2011-07-12 10:16 AM

This post will be in two parts: Towards a definition of Reflexive Practice. My initial foray into online poker. 1 Towards a definition of Reflexive Practice. Before I launch into the blog post I would like to say that my thinking is emerging and evolving and that the purpose of this blog to record my thoughts on theory and practice as they are unfolding. Little that I say will be d ... <a href="/blogs/ukphoenix/72051-First-Steps-in-Reflexive-Practice-in-Poker">(continued)</a>

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