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PLO Pimpin'

WSOP Video Blog

2014-05-21 03:13 PM

Hey guys,  What are the three things required to do well at the WSOP? Learn by watching this video blog! Give it a watch and let me know what you think.  KK  


jjyykk's Mystic Quest

Event 38: $1500 NL Hold'Em

2011-06-24 12:02 PM

I felt I played a really good tournament but it just did not work out. Like with all of my prior sub $2500 WSOP experience, the first table was a dream. Literally the first hand I saw was a young player flat a 3b OOP with 46s and flop a flush. He check/called the flop and check/shoved the turn and the other player payed him off with KK, no heart, on a T954 mono heart board. Was quite preposterous! I chipped up repeate ... <a href="/blogs/yugiohpro/70841-Event-38-1500-NL-Hold-Em">(continued)</a>


jjyykk's Mystic Quest

Event 36: $2500 NL Hold'Em

2011-06-24 11:48 AM

I was really stunned at the disparity in skill between my $1500 tables and my $2500 tables. My first table was absolutely stacked with regulars. The entire table was young and solid. After a level, Phil Laak ended up sitting two seats to my right. Didn’t get a chance to really watch him play but I chipped up decently without showdown and had about 8800 chips early (with 7500 starting). When our table broke, I was very ... <a href="/blogs/yugiohpro/70831-Event-36-2500-NL-Hold-Em">(continued)</a>


jjyykk's Mystic Quest

Event 34- $1000 NL Hold'Em

2011-06-19 11:04 PM

This one will be quite short. Spoiler: I busted in the first two levels. We started at 25/25 with 3000 chips (I thought we had 4500). Was wondering why the whole table was short! Had an interesting spot with the 2nd nuts to start.  25/25 with 3000 starting. Old man limps MP, SB checks, I check with J9s. Flop (75): Kh Qh Td Check, I lead 50 (old men are passive), old man makes it 150. I don’t like flatting such a sma ... <a href="/blogs/yugiohpro/70381-Event-34-1000-NL-Hold-Em">(continued)</a>


jjyykk's Mystic Quest

Event 32- $1500 NL Hold'em

2011-06-19 10:55 PM

Here is another recap. Again, the WSOP structure is 4,500 starting with 25/25 levels. The blinds go up every hour, from 25/50 to 50/100 to 75/150 to 100/200 to 100/200/25. I think the structure is pretty solid. I sit at a very soft table and chip up without much of a struggle. The early stages of these tournaments are very easy but also very boring. Basically follow the BalugaWhale mantra of bet for value/fold when ra ... <a href="/blogs/yugiohpro/70371-Event-32-1500-NL-Hold-em">(continued)</a>


jjyykk's Mystic Quest

Deuces Cracked Drink Up and Event #28 $1500 NL

2011-06-17 10:03 PM

Met a lot of cool DCers at O’Sheas in Vegas yesterday. Wish I had taken pictures but I was on crutches the whole time so I didn’t get to fully enjoy the scenery. The experience really reinforced to me what a great community Deuces Cracked is! Prior to that I busted Event #28, a $1500 event, at level 8 or so. This was the first tournament (out of about 6) that I was sort of unhappy with my play. So ... <a href="/blogs/yugiohpro/70261-Deuces-Cracked-Drink-Up-and-Event-28-1500-NL">(continued)</a>


jjyykk's Mystic Quest

Event 18- $1500 NL Hold'em

2011-06-14 08:30 PM

My second event was the $1500 NL. This was a very large field tournament with about 3200 players and a 4 million + prize pool. I made a pretty deep run in this tournament so I guess I’ll post the exciting hands. My table was very soft. I didn’t recognize anyone and there were a lot of weak players to my left and right who were limping and playing very splashy. We started with 4500 chips at 25/25. The WSOP has a decent ... <a href="/blogs/yugiohpro/70041-Event-18-1500-NL-Hold-em">(continued)</a>

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