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PLO Pimpin'

WSOP Video Blog

2014-05-21 03:13 PM

Hey guys,  What are the three things required to do well at the WSOP? Learn by watching this video blog! Give it a watch and let me know what you think.  KK  


Back To The Trap House

How To Three-Bet in PLO

2012-02-02 08:56 AM

    How to 3bet the right way in PLO   I don’t remember if I posted this or not. I took these notes from the PLO Quickpro program KasinoKrime made. It really has a lot of good information. Don’t believe me? I was playing on Carbon at 10/25 and ran into this player and we kind of got into a cock measuring contest and challenged each other to HU. Well, we ended up skyping and apparently he took 4th in the 10K horse WCOOP ... <a href="/blogs/ashthepro/85851-How-To-Three-Bet-in-PLO">(continued)</a>

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