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PLO Pimpin'

My Biggest Poker Study Regret

2016-06-03 01:57 PM

Hey Let’s pretend you’re transitioning from NL to PLO… Or you’re completely starting from scratch.  If you only had 90 days to learn the fundamentals and become a winning player… What would be the path you choose?  What would be the best use of your time for learning off the felt?  My Biggest Poker Study Regret The biggest mistake that I regret, and that I STILL see 100’s of players making today is spending fa ... <a href="/blogs/kasinokrime/107238-My-Biggest-Poker-Study-Regret">(continued)</a>


PLO Pimpin'

Winning Poker in 2014

2014-02-10 11:02 PM

One of my favorite aspects of poker (and probably some people’s least favorite) is the cut-throat nature of the game. If your game stagnates and you cease to improve, then you lose. Contrastingly, a willingness to work on your game breeds success, and seals the fate of those that rest on their heels. And after playing professionally for more almost four years now, I remain astounded by how fast the game changes, ... <a href="/blogs/kasinokrime/103901-Winning-Poker-in-2014">(continued)</a>


Back To The Trap House

PLO QuickPro

2010-12-26 06:17 AM

I’ve been taking a somewhat half ass approach to learning this game they call PLO. Ever since I heard that more and more players are moving to this game I have done a little studying here and there but nothing too big. Most of my experience playing is me spewing stacks and tilting myself. I have decided to open up my game a little more and actively seek out coaching from Delcrossb. Besides the videos on here I have been looking a ... <a href="/blogs/ashthepro/50391-PLO-QuickPro">(continued)</a>

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