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DeucesCracked FAQ Blog

Content Highlight: Getting Serious About Poker

2015-10-05 02:45 PM

Aaron Wilt"OnTilt" has been with DeucesCracked since its launch in 2008. Aaron joined the site as one of the better mid stakes NL grinders out there, and very clearly had his poker career on a path to success. Years ago, Aaron put his winning principles into a series called “The Haj School” . Since then, while some things have changed in the poker world, Aaron has also continued to evolve ... <a href="/blogs/deucescrackedfaq/107201-Content-Highlight-Getting-Serious-About-Poker">(continued)</a>


No poker and no work makes Homer something something

Las Vegas already has intranet gambling, and intranet poker should show up soon

2011-04-26 09:43 PM

Today, I read an article in the Denver Post that discusses how Colorado casinos are following Las Vegas’s lead in testing mobile gaming devices.   I learned a few things.   (link to full article below) “Nevada lawmakers are considering a measure that would allow casino guests to gamble on operator-issued tablets and mobile devices while anywhere on the property, s ... <a href="/blogs/smrz/65991-Las-Vegas-already-has-intranet-gambling-and-intranet-poker-should-show-up-soon">(continued)</a>

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