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Showdown vs Non-Showdown Graph

2012-09-08 04:05 AM

I’ve just started playing poker. I’m trying to get my head around the game and learning how to analyse my stats. I’ve done some statistics work at university, so i can understand the math, but i’m looking for some help analysing my graphs. Perhaps the most annoying is the Non-Showdown winnings which are deeply in the red. You can see my hand stats and graphs here ... <a href="/blogs/highwaymoses/93621-Showdown-vs-Non-Showdown-Graph">(continued)</a>



Poker Update: Cut for Cash

2012-03-19 10:06 AM

Hey guys I ended up in the positive this week, which is nice.   I made a couple deep runs but again fell a bit short of the big money buts that’s okay because I feel pretty good about where I’m going. I cut tables this week which felt awesome. As a result I have been playing the softest tourneys . The Micro Millions, Daily Bigs, Hot Turbos, Cubes, and Quads. Any space I have left under 9 tables I have been ... <a href="/blogs/jaimestaples/87881-Poker-Update-Cut-for-Cash">(continued)</a>



Smoothing Out the Curves

2012-03-06 03:32 AM

Hey guys So I ended up down a bit on the week bankroll wise but it didn’t feel like it because of last sundays success. For the limited amount of volume I did put in, I made a ton of deep runs, resulting in some close calls! However getting in the top 50 is not a recipe for success. Its all about that win baby! I know its coming. One thing that has been gratifying has been my variance reducer, 8game sng’s. Ive b ... <a href="/blogs/jaimestaples/87201-Smoothing-Out-the-Curves">(continued)</a>


Zavodovski's Poker Blog

Bloggo Ergo Sum

2012-02-13 11:23 PM

Hi, Contrary to the mock philosophical heading, I doubt this blog is the place for much by way of spectacular enlightenment, poker-related or otherwise. Instead, it’s just somewhere for me to bounce ideas around, post results and interesting/funny hands, and doubtless rant about whatever injustices I feel I’ve been dealt most recently (although I’ll try and keep that last aspect to a minimum). To be honest, I’ve long had rese ... <a href="/blogs/zavodovski/86261-Bloggo-Ergo-Sum">(continued)</a>


Poker and life: about nothing and everything

February, oh dear February: Graph and hh included

2012-02-05 10:21 PM

 This month started out really great, and I quickly hit +100 buyins for the year. But it turned back as fast as it came, so now I’m grinding myself even after a early downswing for the fifth month in a row: I’m pretty happy, that I was able to put in the volume I have, no matter how I ran – showing i’m less results oriented than I used to be. I’m re watching EPTPE again, so I ques it only ... <a href="/blogs/miro347/86031-February-oh-dear-February-Graph-and-hh-included">(continued)</a>


rapeface2k blog

October: Coaching, it's good for you

2011-10-30 12:15 PM

For like a month and a half ago, I posted this thread in the DC microstakes forums, where I ask how I should become better without paying for coaching. I was probably in a massive downswing, and I wasn’t paying enough attention to stacksizes and some other important stuff that I do now. I tried for like 2 weeks after this thread, to watch videos, take notes and so on. But still I was paying my monies to t ... <a href="/blogs/rapeface2k/79711-October-Coaching-it-s-good-for-you">(continued)</a>


Oba donk eh?

March 2011 Results

2011-03-31 08:14 PM

Here are my results for March 2011 together with the stats. I’ve included overall 3bet % and my unopened PFR % from each position as I’m concerned I’ve gone back to playing too LAG and want to monitor this in future months. Full post here with stats  



50k Volume challenge.

2011-03-26 08:27 PM

My volume so far this month has been pretty average, only done 80k hands so far. I was hoping to top Feb where i did 120k plus hands. So ive decided to play 50k hands before the end of the month and hopefully grind my bankroll up to where i can call 25nl my main game. It will be tight, 10k hands per day. Rush will be the game, something im addicted to.  Here is a graph of the month of March. Its 5nl-50nl with the majority at ... <a href="/blogs/nzdkp/62361-50k-Volume-challenge-">(continued)</a>


Oba donk eh?

Results so far for 2011

2011-03-02 01:09 AM

Here are the graph and stats so far for 2011.  


Fear and Loathing at the Micros

I lose - but do I know why.

2011-02-23 09:52 AM

OK – lost a couple of BI’s yesterday, which is not a good thing. Never is. But after reflecting on this, I think now I am able to be objective and say how or why this happened. I know I played badly, that is easy to say. But can I specifically note why, so I think this how I came to lose 2 BI’s: 1. Played 2 long. Look at the graph, got back to even but wanted to try to win 1 BI before I quit. Bad. 2. I chased it. ... <a href="/blogs/captainscope/58281-I-lose-but-do-I-know-why-">(continued)</a>

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