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Core PLO Concepts: Check Raising For Value

by KasinoKrime, over 2 years ago, 29 min

Pot-Limit Omaha

$, 6M

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PLO Pimpin'

Check-Raising Lightly: Part 2

2014-04-15 07:17 PM

In Part 1, we highlighted a few unconventional situations, and the underlying logic behind check/raising lightly on a few different board textures. Today, I’ll continue that discussion, and help you peer into the thought process behind correctly applying aggression in single raised pots, OOP, without the initiative. If you haven’t  read Part 1  of this  pot limit omaha strategy  series yet, I highly recomme ... <a href="/blogs/kasinokrime/104491-Check-Raising-Lightly-Part-2">(continued)</a>


PLO Pimpin'

Check-Raising in SRP: Part 1

2014-02-28 03:47 PM

I can’t help but notice that a lot of discussion nowadays revolves around playing looser from the blinds. It makes sense though, doesn’t it? Conventional poker knowledge encourages us to open as widely as possible from the button, which suggests that defending ranges from the blinds should widen as well. After all, nothing feels more helpless than constantly allowing some regular to relentlessly min-open ... <a href="/blogs/kasinokrime/104131-Check-Raising-in-SRP-Part-1">(continued)</a>


Mother Shipton's Diary

Definition of variance - day 2

2010-01-13 12:15 AM

Quick post – it’s late and I’m tired but want to ask a q before I forget. Firstly though, made me chuckle to see that tonights graph is the inverse of last night (see last post). Started terribly and grinded my way out again. OUtcome is the same – ended the session with the same outcome – give or take a few $. But a much warmer feeling heading of to bed after this graph than the other one. Need to ask ... <a href="/blogs/philb287/6551-Definition-of-variance-day-2">(continued)</a>

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