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Paandaa's poker journey.


2016-01-29 10:56 AM

Just a little about me to start off this blog thing,,,  I’ve been in the USAF for 20 years. I picked up online poker in 2009.  I never really put too much work into it back then, other than playing a few hours a week,  mostly play money.  When I finally decided to put some actual cash in my Full Tilt account, the FBI decided they had other ideas and I lost my first real money bankroll within 3 or 4 months, albeit a very modest amount.   ... <a href="/blogs/paandaa/107221-Intro">(continued)</a>


PLO Pimpin'

Ten Poker Commandments

2015-02-06 05:35 AM

Hey guys, Lately I’ve been taking on a bunch of new students, and a lot of questions revolve around general poker advice.. So I felt inspired to write out a few constants in poker that are necessary to be a long-term winner. And although I can’t flow like this guy… … I did write what I call the Ten Poker Commandments. Frankly I had 25 or so written jotted down, so perhaps I’ll do another blog in the futu ... <a href="/blogs/kasinokrime/105781-Ten-Poker-Commandments">(continued)</a>


The Degnovic Blog

Don't Wanna Chase

2012-10-31 05:30 PM

(This is a cross post from my blog ). Well, that didn’t go as I hoped. I started out the Oktoberfest at PKR by playing all the events the first couple of days, and actually did very well, but often came close but no cigar. It sucks, but as I proclaimed before the start of the series, the fields is bigger and therefore the variance is too. I finally feel like this will be a good time to start a ... <a href="/blogs/degnovic/95911-Don-t-Wanna-Chase">(continued)</a>


The Degnovic Blog

Let the Grinding Begin

2012-09-12 10:33 AM

(This is a cross post from my new blog I just started. You can find it at ). I don’t know if starting my blog got me some run good, but the same night as I posted it, I shipped the Rolling in the Deep tournament at PKR for a nice bankroll boost. So I guess I’m off to a pretty good start. I’m ready to grind some tournaments again today and I’m pretty motivated. I’ve just picked up so ... <a href="/blogs/degnovic/93971-Let-the-Grinding-Begin">(continued)</a>


Micro Stakes and Beyond!

Goodbye 6 max 4NL. It's been real. I won't miss ya.

2012-07-24 04:50 PM

Today will be my first day playing 6 max 10NL. I will post my progress here daily. I’m a US player. I play at Carbon Poker. I’ve been playing 4NL for about 2 months now. It’s been an up and down struggle. I purchased Holdem Manager, signed up for DC and I’ve made a few adjustments and 4NL suddenly became not too hard. Now I’m rolled for 10NL and I’m not looking back. I don’t really expect ther ... <a href="/blogs/fishyflop/92571-Goodbye-6-max-4NL-It-s-been-real-I-won-t-miss-ya-">(continued)</a>



Poker Update: MicroMillion Run

2012-03-27 04:41 AM

Hey Guys,   I made a good run in the MicroMillions Main Event yesterday. I came 30th, which was frustrating considering the difference in cash from the FT. First was $154k and 30th was around $790. That being said it saved a bad results week for me.   This week I had to loan out another $100 to my horse. He really has potential but has trouble getting volume in. We are decently deep in makeup at thi ... <a href="/blogs/jaimestaples/88271-Poker-Update-MicroMillion-Run">(continued)</a>


my thoughts on everything

Life in the UK

2011-06-25 11:22 AM

Im back in the UK one month now. Its alright, weather is good this time of year (kind of), and Im doing something totally unrelated to poker which actually is a nice refreshing change. Im working @ shine studios on the business side of things, which means a lot of meetings, coffee, cig breaks and laughs, as well as copious amounts of what I see as unnecessary paperwork! Meeting up with my old mates is great too. They havent ... <a href="/blogs/acombfosho/70911-Life-in-the-UK">(continued)</a>


Only One Out

Temporarily switching back to mtsngs

2011-04-01 03:48 AM

So I am not currently getting any rakeback due to an issue with UB and have decided I don’t want to play there any more.  Problem is now I have to play on pstars where the lowest HU tables are $50nl.  Basically I am just gonna grind 180 man sngs till I reach $2500 and then do a mix until I reach $5k which is when I will mainly be playing HU.  Hopefully this will get me there faster as I can play anywher ... <a href="/blogs/omnipotentme/63171-Temporarily-switching-back-to-mtsngs">(continued)</a>


Freaky Styley

Groups, buddies, poker rooms, micro challenge

2011-03-22 05:07 PM

I havent blogged for a while and definitely would like to change about it. There are a lot of reasons for this lazy activity, but i find it +EV to chronicle my fights through the micros. So I’m planning to update my blog on a monthly basis, at least for myself. Since my last blog I’m still at NL10, so it seems nothing has changed. But a lot of things happened and changed in my poker life: 1. POKER GROU ... <a href="/blogs/velvia/61701-Groups-buddies-poker-rooms-micro-challenge">(continued)</a>


Only One Out

Took my first shot at 25nlHU

2011-03-18 11:14 PM

Well I had been steadily winning at 10nl and had about 25 bi’s for 25nl so I decided to take a 4BI shot.  I had dabbled a little at 25nl before this and was up one buyin so far at that stake.  100 hands and $100 later I found myself back at 10nl.  I checked the guy out later and here is his lifetime graph :   I feel much better knowing I lost to a $1/$2 reg who has been successful up to $600nl.  Now I just nee ... <a href="/blogs/omnipotentme/61181-Took-my-first-shot-at-25nlHU">(continued)</a>

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