PartyPoker Review

PartyPoker is a fairly large name in the online poker world, a fact which is a direct result of a long history of providing online poker services. Before you open an account with PartyPoker or any other site, though, it's important that you learn as much as you can about it. Here are some of the relevant facts and features of PartyPoker that all online poker players should know in order to decide whether this platform is right for them.

About PartyPoker

In the early days of online poker, PartyPoker was one of the largest and most well-liked platforms. The site was founded in 2001 and quickly grew to be the world's largest online poker platform, a position in maintained until 2006. Since then, PartyPoker has remained a large and popular site, though it has never reclaimed its position at the very top. PartyPoker's decline in 2006 was largely due to the implementation of the UIGEA, an act in the United States that made online gambling functionally inaccessible to American citizens. Up to that point, PartyPoker had been the preferred platform for American poker players.

Though it is based in Gibraltar, PartyPoker serves players all over the world, including some of the American poker players it previously served in the state of New Jersey. Being based in Europe, PartyPoker is subject to European Union gaming regulations. Full licensing and regulation of this sort is a massive plus for players, as it ensures that a site has proven itself to be trustworthy and secure. This fact, combined with PartyPoker's long history and huge number of satisfied customers, makes it one of the most trusted online poker sites in the market today.

PartyPoker Bonuses

PartyPoker's roster of bonuses and promotions isn't quite as impressive as some other major online poker sites. As a player, you won't find new promotions coming out each month that you can access as you would on some of the other large poker websites. Nevertheless, there are rewards that regular players can access. PartyPoker has a loyalty program that rewards players for the hands they play on the site with bonus points. The number of points you accumulate per month will determine your level for that month. PartyPoker assigns one bonus point to a player for every $1 of rake he or she generates playing poker on the site.

The main benefit of this reward program is a rakeback scheme that lets players get some of their money back as they play. The actual amount of rakeback varies by the level a player is at at any given time. Some levels, though, are very generous, with a cashback percentage of 20 percent not being particularly difficult to reach. If you play consistently, the savings from this rakeback structure can be considerable over time.

PartyPoker Software

PartyPoker makes use of a multi-format software that can be downloaded for desktop, iOS or Android. The availability of a mobile app is a particularly convenient feature, since it allows players to engage in poker games whenever and wherever they choose. Poker players often like to get a few hands in from mobile devices whenever they're waiting for something, and the PartyPoker mobile system facilitates this kind of play quite well.

Recently, an update to PartyPoker's software platform made it easier for players to change the aesthetic elements they see on their screens. Players can now choose from several backgrounds and adjust font sizes as they need. This update allows you to make the game play interface suit your personal preferences. Though a minor update from a functional perspective, it was a nice addition in terms of player engagement.

A final interesting thing to note about the PartyPoker platform is the fact that it has an element of social media to it. Players can "friend" each other on PartyPoker, allowing them to communicate and reconnect later on. This feature fosters an environment of friendly, ongoing competition on the site and can help make it more interesting for players overall.

Games on PartyPoker

Like almost any modern poker site, Texas hold'em is the main game played on PartyPoker. On the platform, you can choose from no-limit, limit and pot-limit Texas hold'em games. If you are a hold'em poker player, the variations on the game that come from limiting potential bets can be interesting. For most players, though, no-limit Texas hold'em remains the game of choice.

For players who are interested in mixing things up and trying new games, PartyPoker also hosts Omaha poker. This variant of poker is played in much the same way as traditional Texas hold'em. However, in the case of the Omaha game, players are dealt four hole cards instead of the two that are dealt in Texas hold'em. As a result, players can create many more card combinations, making the game much more exciting. Another variation on the same idea, known as Omaha hi-lo, is also available on PartyPoker. In this game, the mechanics are the same as in standard Omaha, but the pot is split at the end between a high hand and a low hand.

Another game that shows up on PartyPoker is seven card stud, a more traditional poker game in which all cards are hole cards and no community cards are in play. In seven card stud, players have to make their hand combinations from no more than five of seven cards that are dealt to them. This game can be a bit more complex than hold'em, but it is immensely fun all the same. PartyPoker also hosts seven card stud hi-lo games, which use the same split pot game mechanics described in Omaha hi-lo above.

Needless to say, PartyPoker is primarily a poker site. It does, however, host a couple of other popular online casino games. If you need a break from poker or just want some extra variety in your gaming, you can play blackjack and roulette on PartyPoker. These games can make a great supplement to your poker playing and help PartyPoker to more accurately emulate a real casino environment by allowing you to change games when you want.

Tournaments on PartyPoker

On PartyPoker, players can access both recurring and one-time tournaments for chances to win larger pots. Recurring tournaments include the Mega Tuesday 500, the Saturday Saver and the Weekly Reload. Beyond these, special tournaments are held on a regular basis, a fact which keeps playing on PartyPoker interesting.

Each tournament on PartyPoker has its own unique features. The Saturday Saver tournament, for instance, gives players a 10 percent cashback promotion regardless of whether they win or lose. As you play on PartyPoker, you'll find individual tournaments you like and will know which ones you want to enter on a recurring basis.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

PartyPoker's deposit and withdrawal options depend on the country from which a player is accessing it. Many players use Neteller and Skrill, both of which are popular payment providers in Europe. Major credit cards are also accepted. PartyPoker offers no-fee deposits, a fact which gives it a slight edge over some of its competitors.

Customer Support

Anytime you're putting your money into a gaming site, it's important to know that that site has a strong commitment to customer service. On PartyPoker, you can browse a comprehensive FAQ section for solutions to common difficulties. If you need to speak to a customer service representative, you can call or email customer support 24/7 for live help. This ready availability of customer support is a large part of what makes PartyPoker one of the best online poker sites out there.

Player Resources

Playing poker successfully is all about continuous learning. As such, all good poker sites should have at least some educational resources available to players to help them learn about poker strategy. On PartyPoker's site, you'll find several useful tutorials that will help you navigate different tournament types and hone your skills as a poker player. These tutorials are mostly geared at beginning players, so more seasoned poker veterans may find them to be a bit on the basic side. If you're just getting started, though, the information on PartyPoker can be very valuable.

Like many other poker sites, PartyPoker also has an option to play free poker online. Free poker games lack the excitement of wagering real money, but they offer players a chance to learn and test themselves without risking anything. Even players who are confident in their poker abilities should play a few free hands after signing up for a PartyPoker account, as the free poker feature is a great way to learn how to use the platform before you place an actual wager.

Welcome Bonus

For poker players signing up for online accounts, few things are as important as the kinds of welcome bonuses a site offers. A site with a great welcome bonus can help you start playing and winning with a much larger sum of money than you would have had otherwise. PartyPoker offers one of the most generous welcome bonuses in the online poker industry. This bonus takes the form of an initial deposit match up to $500. Few sites will offer this much as an initial deposit bonus, but the extra money you can receive when you first fund your account is definitely a point in PartyPoker's favor.


Overall, PartyPoker is an extremely good site on which to play online poker. Though it may be a little less well-known these days than it was in its early years, the platform is still one of the leading poker sites in the world. Notable strengths of PartyPoker include its excellent welcome bonus, strong commitment to customer service and the social aspects of its poker platform. The inclusion of other casino games on the PartyPoker site is also a nice touch for players who like variety. One small weakness of PartyPoker is its lack of resources for more advanced players, though it should be noted that there is no shortage of poker information for seasoned veterans on other poker-oriented websites. On the whole, PartyPoker is still a great site for beginners and advanced players alike. If you've been looking for an online poker site to sign up with, PartyPoker is definitely worth considering.

  • Now available in New Jersey
  • Quick-start cash games, semi-anonymous tables for rec players
  • Now offers Short Deck Hold'em!
Established 2001
Country Gibraltar


  • Massive new online schedule & partypoker Live tour
  • Huge promotions and perks for recreational players
  • New $1m SPINS jackpot SnGs with $5 buy-ins
  • Speedy FastForward Poker


  • Software somewhat bland
Software & Graphics 8
Ring Game Traffic 8
Tournament Traffic 8
Rake 8
Soft Competition 7
Game Variety 7
Sign-Up Bonus 8
Loyalty Bonus 8
Promotions 8
Support 8
Financial Security 8
Deposit & Withdrawal 8

Deposit Options: BankWire, PaySafeCard, MasterCard, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, Visa, giropay, Trustly, ecoPayz, SOFORT, MuchBetter, Diners Card, Maestro, MoneySafe

Withdrawal: BankWire, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, Visa, Trustly, ecoPayz, MuchBetter, Diners Card, MoneySafe