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Las Vegas new years trip report, part three

published over 10 years ago

Well I’ve realized that I probably should just beast out these reports quickly after I get back, or perhaps even while the trip is going on, since its hard to remember details a few weeks later. But anyhow, I’ll do what I can to fill in the blanks.

So, on New Years Eve we had a reservation for a “loft” at a club called LAX in the Luxor. Again, clubbing isn’t really my thing, but seeing as how it was new years eve and we were in Vegas, there wasn’t really any other option. Unless of course you take my gameplan from last year:

  1. Stand in line for club for way too long
  2. Throw up in trash can at entrance to club. (Not because you’re drunk, but because you’re just super sick and have been the entire week.)
  3. Bouncer tells you you’re out for the night.
  4. Slouch back up to hotel suite
  5. Sit on computer alone in suite while the rest of the world is celebrating the new year.
  6. ???
  7. Not profit.

This year was going to be different though! So, the whole posse headed out to the Luxor pretty early, because they apparently close down the strip early and we had to get there before that. We had dinner reservations but they weren’t quite due yet, so we grabbed a few drinks at a bar. We were then faced with the all-too-common dilemma of what to do when you’re in a casino and have time to kill. The answer, of course, was brackjack. Vanessa, myself, Chris (trivial), Jonathan (fatal error), and Andy (tufat) sat down at the table and proceeded to lay waste to the house, probably winning about 4k between us before dinner. Mostly we were just running hot, but at one point the dealer paid Andy twice for his hand. Obviously none of us said anything until we were far from the table, but was a nice little bonus of a few hundred free dollars.

Dinner was at the Luxor steakhouse, which strangely enough is called “the steakhouse”. Food was good; we ate a feast of steaks and seafood and wine. After that we went straight for the club, and got in without too much more hassle than expected. The whole process to get into a club feels kind of like the process of leading animals to slaughter, except instead of killing us to get our meat they took us to a private little table area on the second floor, and it was stocked with booze and some strawberries and stuff. Unfortunately the club itself doesn’t come with a sweet report, as it wasn’t all that great. Paris Hilton was there, hosting the ‘party’, but of course I don’t really care at all about her or anyone like her. However, after we got home, I played some texas holdem on the internet, and made some money. Woo!

On new years day, most of us spent the day loafing around as usual, but the day came with an added bonus: finally launched! Of course it was extra sweet for me and Vanessa, since we had put a lot of work into our series and it was finally out there for the masses to swoon at. Additionally, the house was full of small to mid-stakes NL players who were pretty excited about the new content, too, so we had the bonus of being the superstars of the day. I forget what else happened that day, but I don’t think it was anything too interesting. The last few days of the trip kinda blend together, too, at least at this point. I’ll try to pick out the more interesting things that happened those days and put them in a report soon. Spoiler: it involves Vanessa coolering me in another goofy live poker pot, though not for quite as much money as the last time. Also, a check-raise river bluff! Woo!

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