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NL20 AK Facing Limp/Raise

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Grabbed by Holdem Manager
NL Holdem $0.20(BB) Replayer
SB ($22.48)
BB ($62.67)
UTG ($20.52)
UTG+1 ($25.24)
Hero ($22.08)
BTN ($23.81)

Dealt to Hero KSpade ADiamond

UTG calls $0.20, fold, Hero raises to $1, fold, fold, fold, UTG raises to $2.20, Hero calls $1.20

FLOP ($4.70) AClub 8Diamond 8Heart

UTG bets $2.40, Hero ??

Villain is playing 18/6 over 17 hands, No read at this point.

I kinda narrowed down his range to AA-QQ and AK and my plan was to only continue on superb boards, which this one kinda is. How do we act postflop?

Posted about 6 years ago

MI5 Mark

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if he's likely to keep firing just keep calling and shove river. If he has aa we are getting stacked, if he thinks you are full of shit raise the flop. Exploit the players tendencies. If you're not sure/have no reads then i would just raise here with the intention of stacking off

Posted about 6 years ago


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If you raise, you're only going to get a better or equal hand to call, and worse hand to fold. I like to call the flop for sure. Maybe he'll fire a second barrel with KK, you never know. I think with AK he'll bet again, so I would call. With KK-QQ he'll check turn and I'd check back, then maybe he'll be river and then you can call. I would play this very passively.

Posted about 6 years ago


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He can only have one better hand and as I doubt he's limp/reraising with anything containing an 8. And if he's thinking at all (take this with a grain of salt as someone limp/reraising is likely only thinking about his hand and not too much about yours) you can't have very much air if you call this flop so if he's going to keep spewing off his stack to you or you think he has a bluff limp/reraising range keep calling. If not, raising small to $5 would prob be my play.

Posted about 6 years ago


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Call and keep weaker hands in his range. If we raise we get it in vs AA and AK probably which is -EV.
If we are against AA and we call down we lose the minimum but we can get some value from AQ or maybe KK.

Posted about 6 years ago

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