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Maybe a bad preflop decision.

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live 8-16. very loose, somewhat passive game.

Two super loose players limp in ep. A fairly laggy but decent player raises in the CO, I call on the button with 5d5s(this has to be standard right? even though my relative position sucks). The SB folds an the super loose BB and the rest call.

CO: aggressive pre, C bets flop 100% no matter board texture or number of players. The only notes I have is that he raised 4w IP with overcards AJ and then checked the turn. He seems peel flop and turn on most boards with overcards.

BB: Fluctuates between loose calling station and maniacle behavior. He has 4 bet OOP HU with A2o and back capped a gutter once. He will CR air HU and brl. However, sometimes he will play strongish hands passively.

The rest of the players are loose calling stations.

The flop comes 6c3c8h. It is checked to the CO who bets...What is my play?

Posted almost 7 years ago


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I'd fold and feel fine about it. You aren't getting the correct odds to draw at your set/BD draws and your not closing the action. I don't like raising in this situation because you likely don't get near the amount of folds from BB, UTG1 & UTG2 that you would normally get in an online game.

I think preflop is fine, but would probably fold if there was only 1 limper unless I looked over and saw both blinds getting ready to call.

Posted almost 7 years ago


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Agree, I'd fold for the same reasons (bad odds, not closing the action, etc).

Preflop I think this is close--yes you have great position but I think you might need closer to 7--1 to set mine (I think those are closer to the odds for flopping a set)? Plus, you said he's c-betting 100% of boards so you're never getting the turn free.

Posted almost 7 years ago


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I think you made a great pre-flop decision. In a loose live limit game, I'm never folding a small pocket pair for 2 SB on the button, especially if the action is multi-way with a bunch of calling stations. If you flop your set you'll more often than not going to get paid off (you'll need at least 8 BB to break even, and there will be 5 BB in the pot on the flop). Like the other posters, on the flop I'd fold. You missed, and even if you hit a 5 on the turn, 5 Club makes the flush and also puts 3 to a straight.

Posted almost 7 years ago


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