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K high call vs. blind

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I think this is a pretty interesting hand since we\'ve described the villain as aggressive and spazzy. I\'m a little surprised that he doesn\'t raise this flop with a hand like 78 or a couple of clubs but perhaps he\'s decided there\'s no way he can take the pot down on that board without making his hand.

I like the river check to induce a bluff from a missed draw. Nh.

Posted about 11 years ago


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I guess this hand is pretty boring, but it comes up alot in 6max.

Villian is a little spazzy aggresive. I\'ve seen him 3bet from the BB with Q9o, I think he 3bets Ax.

Hero is SB with K7 of hearts

Folds to Hero, raise. BB calls

FLOP: 6h5c6c

I bet , he calls


I bet, he calls


I check and call his bet? The flop is pretty drawy and he likely has a missed draw?

Posted about 11 years ago

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