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How was this hand played?

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A flop raise looks like a free card play here so often (look at all those draws!) that a turn raise is a necessity.

River fold is good, too. Nice discipline.


Posted about 11 years ago


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This is too funny - I was the BB in this hand while filming a video, rendering the video right now it will be up late tonight (though only a sample cut which might not have this hand in it). I don\'t remember your name on there but that was not a very good game.

I think you should raise the turn because you will be getting 2:1 on your money, since you correctly put me on the club draw, I can\'t fold, and you could still have the SB beat a decent amount of the time. I put him on KJ K9 J9 maybe KQ or KT, or QT. I guess its close. During the hand when I went to call the turn I was praying for you to not raise Smile

Yes easy fold on the river.


Posted about 11 years ago


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I dont have good reads on the players. I havent seen anyone act like a spazz.

2/4 WPX - 4 handed

Hero is UTG w QTo

Hero raises, 1 fold, both blinds call

FLOP: (3 players)Kc9cJh
SB bets, BB calls, Hero raises, SB raises, BB calls, Hero raises, both call

TURN: 9d
SB bets, BB calls, Hero just calls, right? the board pairing sucks. BB must have clubs right?


SB bets, BB thinks and calls, I beat nothing and can fold?

Anyone play any streets differently?

Posted about 11 years ago

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