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flush draw with pair on flop, third J lands on tur

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Joe Tall

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Regardless of your description, raise preflop! You have the button, can knock out the blinds with plenty of hand to call.

If I count correctly you are getting, 6.5:1 on the turn, which gives you enough to continue for your 6-ish outer. Why do I say, \"ish\", because he may just have a bear Ace, and that makes most of your diamonds live but this is a small percentage of the time (~10%).

Therefore, if there is ANY chance he\'ll fold to a raise here giving up an under pocket pair, then raise. If not, call, then evaluate the river.

Posted about 11 years ago


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Live 8-16 at Canterbury.

I have Kd 9d on the button. A very loose, aggressive player in CO limps and both blinds call.

Flop is Jd Js 8d.
BB bets, CO raises, I 3 bet, SB and BB fold, CO calls.

Turn is Jc. CO bets, I??

I will add that CO\'s calling and and in particular his preflop raising ranges are very wide. In addition, he will often bet out, raise, and three bet flops. I\'ve played with him once before where non-observant opponents let him dominate the table by folding either not calling his preflop raises or folding to his flop bets and raises.

Posted about 11 years ago


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It will cost you 2 big bets to go to showdown for an 8 big bet pot. You are behind any A and any pair. You don\'t have the equity to call him down, thus the question is - can you get him to fold a better hand often enough to justify raising here.

Will he fold AK, A8 or 77-22 to a raise now or on the river? (He won\'t fold 99+)

Absent a specific read, I fold.

Posted about 11 years ago

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