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Where should I play?

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Hi guys,

Can you help me with choosing?

Since I have played on several sites and having an selective offer I am choosing between two networks: boss media and microgaming. To be more specific: fortune poker/pokerheaven vs. Nordicbetpoker. I have a 40% RB deal on microgaming and 30% + 12% dep. bonus on boss media.

My info:

I play around 9 tables on stars and party. Limit is 100NL, 6max. 30/40k hands a month.
I use HM2, I dont like playing on anonymos tables. My country doesnt have restrictions.

Things I find important (most likely first, in order):

Soft field, software, action/traffic.

One more question on RB. How does it work with RB on those sites? Pointbased or direct RB (if more than say 100 euro raked).

Thanks for your help.

Posted about 6 years ago


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I don't have any experience on these sites other than Stars being US, but I would think when it comes to calculating RB vs VIP system on Stars it shouldn't be too difficult to calculate what you should do just based on math alone. Smile

Posted about 6 years ago


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I would look into Ipoker. You can get some really good RB deals and customize the software so it's much more pleasant. The skill lvl isn't that high either.

Posted about 6 years ago


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Thank you for your help, but as I said I have to choose between Boss Media and Microgaming (Nordicbetpoker) since I have a deal and have played on several sites.

Posted about 6 years ago


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Anyone experience on Boss Media or Microgaming? Please respond!

Posted about 6 years ago

life nit

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if its betwee boss and micro, definitely micro. boss software is very hard to multitable on

Posted about 6 years ago


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I like ipoker aswell, but having it as your only site can be a pain. At times tables are amazing, at other times it's regs only at least at nl50+.

Microgaming in my experience is pretty fishy, but Anon tables are annoying. I didn't find a way to reset HEM 1 stats if a guy leaves and a different player takes his seat.
Also it obviously cuts down on your edge against regs a bunch.
Turbo tables are quite tilting aswell. You got like 7 seconds to make a decision. In fact you prolly got like 5 because the software is slow and takes at least a second for a click to get through to the server. (At least on my computer that is.)

No idea about Boss Media, but I would like to hear some experiences aswell.
Would the software be a huge problem for someone who's usually playing 4 - 5 tables?

Posted about 6 years ago


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I'm pretty sure you can get a much better deal on nordicbet. and if you have to choose between boss and micro I'd go with microgaming, software is much better, highly customizable, its the closest thing you can get to stars software wise

Posted about 6 years ago


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