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The Real Andrew Robl

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The Real Andrew Robl by KRANTZ

Teaser trailer for Jay and Dan's new documentary, From Busto to Robusto Episode 2: good2cu.


andrew robl from busto to robusto

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Comments for The Real Andrew Robl

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DJ Sensei

Avatar for DJ Sensei

3298 posts
Joined 10/2007

What the hell still no info on release date?

We haven't set a release date yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we do!

Zeebo one was excellent, this could be even better!

We hope so too!

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for 918 FILMS

10 posts
Joined 06/2009

So what qualifies someone for this documentary? One of my friends IRL is Grimstarr and his life dramatically has changed over the years so if you were interested in interviewing him I could see if hes interested.

Grimstarr was actually one of the names listed in the original treatment (which was written in May '07). We'd definitely be interested in speaking with him. Please PM me with/for more info.

PS I'm the director of this series. Haven't been back to the DC forums for a while...

Posted over 8 years ago


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Avatar for Ebinsugewa

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Grimstarr goes to my school, I could try and hook something up. It would be pretty cool, never met the guy.

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for FenderJaguar

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Joined 01/2008

Grimstarr goes to my school, I could try and hook something up. It would be pretty cool, never met the guy.

You should hook up more then that imo shoogy Smile

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for corkeye

856 posts
Joined 08/2009

for me robl is one of the online interesting high stakes youngsters. I've read plenty of his threads on 2+2 (and feedback from other posters), seen him on tv, read what people think of him, should be interesting to set the record straight for sure

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for Frankie_Bones

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Joined 03/2008


Avatar for Choparno

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Joined 08/2008

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease release this soon, I really wanna see it.

Posted over 8 years ago


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Avatar for OnTheRail15

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obv yes, although i wonder what % of DCers have even heard of him...

LOL you're making me feel old.

Posted about 8 years ago


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