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350bb deep AA

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Poker Stars $0.50/$1 Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 6 players - View hand 1693048
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Tsubi87: $128.98
barrywai0812: $418.27
Meistro: $103.57
Zsipali: $432.14
illwill514: $235.10
Hero (): $354.57

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is with 2 Club A Diamond 4 Spade A Heart
2 folds, Hero raises to $3, 1 fold, barrywai0812 raises to $10, 1 fold, Hero raises to $31, barrywai0812 calls $21

Flop: ($63.00) 5 Diamond 6 Spade K Club (2 players)

very lost here, should I bet get it in?its Zoom and no reads.

Posted about 6 years ago


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What is the flop action? Doesn't villain act first? It looks like we are CO vs SB.

I really dislike the 4-bet with these rainbow aces being this deep. They are as bad as AA can be and would much rather see a flop in position with tons of money behind, holding the only hand he expects us not to have.

Posted about 6 years ago


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Agree 4bet is really bad, I think we are in position here I think which means I like checking back *just to control the size of the pot). Obviously if a 789etc type card comes off it sucks but he can check/raise is so liberally here that it is going to be hard to play this profitably and all comes back to why preflop is bad.

Posted about 6 years ago


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we want to have a small amount of AAxx hands in our 3bet calling range and this is as bad an AAxx as it gets so certainly fits the bill for calling the 3bet pre flop, and we can use our position post flop to our advantage, as teahupoo states, he wont have us on AAxx here so we can rep a lot of different things, and probably will have to since our hand rarely hits the flop hard.

As played though, it would certainly help us here having a read on the type of player as to check back or bet, but without reads im inclined to bet about half pot and folding to a raise - i suppose it depends on how these zoom games are playing but if i remember back to the FT rush early days not many players were bluff raising - if they didnt hit a flop they were keen to fold and get on with the next hand.

Posted about 6 years ago


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Without any reads and meta (because its zoom), I like to just bet/fold here and bet again on a lot of good turns expecting him to be pretty honest vs us on average.

Opponent is often going to be just as worried about you being unknown as you are of not having any reads on him, and I think the average 100PLO opponent is not going to mess around too much in a 4b pot deep, wanting to protect it.

Board ran out well, there is not much he can really play aggressively besides wraps (and of course sets/top two).

By checking, you define your hand as weak too much/induce a bet on the turn and maybe river. It becomes more of a problem to play readless than if you just bet.

Posted about 6 years ago


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I'm def not 4b here either this deep with these sucky aces, the point of shovling money in pre even with junky aces is to get the spr as close to 1 as possible so we can play mathematicly correct on the flop, and 350bbs deep we aren't going to do that.

What do you guys think he can have that hits this flop since we are b/f?
Is it a KKxx and wrap type hands we are affraid of? Or also better aces?

Posted about 6 years ago

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