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My blog is back and coaching prices have dropped!

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Hey guys,

I hope you have all been enjoying my latest series Escaping Micromania. If you haven't checked it out yet please do, it's a FR series on Stars going from 25nl-200nl.

I've also started blogging again and I know a few people on here used to read it when I was updating a lot. You can check it out here: http://www.deucescracked.com/blogs/slowlane123/

Now for probably the most interesting part of this post. I have decided to significantly reduce my coaching prices for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that the current poker climate is shrinking and less people are willing and able to fork out big bucks for coaching. In addition, I haven't been playing much (until now, read blog) so I feel my coaching is slightly less valuable than what it was when I was playing many hours a day at mid-stakes. In the meantime though, I have been coaching a lot and my game still feels sharp now that I'm back playing again.

As a result I've set new pricing at:

25nl and below: 40/hr

50-100nl: 50/hr

200-400nl: 60/hr

If you buy 5 hrs in advance, you get the 6th hour free.

Hope this gains interest from some of the posters who always seems to have a lot of questions around here. Please feel free to PM me with any questions!


Posted over 6 years ago


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A lot of people message me asking if I will allow them to buy an hour to see how we work together and then consider buying the package minus the initial session and that's fine.

Oh, and bump Heart

Posted over 6 years ago


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I'm thinking about getting a coach because im pretty breakeven, but I was wondering if any students could post a review?

Posted over 6 years ago


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Hi PB,

Very sorry for never seeing your post here. I will get 2-3 students to post a review in the next day or two.


Posted over 6 years ago


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I had red line issues and we had some difficulties finding my leaks at the beginning, because all of my stats looked fine. Jake was very motivated in finding the things that hurt my game, and eventually spotted them. He will definitely spot the leaks which you now have, and fix them. Also, the quality/price is very good.

He can very well explain what works in fullring, versus different opponents types, and what not. He definitely improved my game, and his play style, especially with underbetting etc, is just great to add to your own game.

He made me enjoying poker again since a looong time Smile

Posted over 6 years ago


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It's always nice to get advice from someone that knows what he is talking about. And Jake definitely knows what he is talking about. His advice is spot on, well explained and makes playing a lot easier.

I improved my red line after a few sessions with him as a result of him plugging some of my leaks and adding some new plays in my arsenal. When discussing concepts he explains why and how they work, so you know when and how to use them properly.

The value of his coaching is definitely much greater than the price, so go for it.

Posted over 6 years ago


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I definitely agree with the 2 previous posters. I worked with Jake for few sessions and he definitely knows what he is talking about. He is not only a successful player, but he can also explains cleary what he considered (what to look at) in his thougt process, as well as he can spot flaws in his own students thougt process.

This is definitely a pleasure to work with him and he is always open to suggestions and can also adjust with different schedules. He also took some time with me outside of sessions when that was necessary and he felt I misunderstood some concepts.

His coaching is worth much more than the price he is asking

Posted over 6 years ago


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that is what im thinking... i want to try an hour.. ive had some mtt coaching in the past - but i need to get my cash game going... i play .25-.50 up to 2-4 - although my BR and skills should keep me at the lowest of these... contact me on paul at paulgibbons dot net or via the forum here...

Posted over 6 years ago


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I'm also considering being coached by you. I just finished watching some episodes of escaping micromania, and i too am a small loser at 100NLFR. What is the best way to contact you?

Posted about 6 years ago

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