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I just started playing in tournaments again after playing in cash games only for about a year. I'm having a little trouble trying to switch over from EV calculations to an ICM to figure out what plays are profitable. Can anyone step me through what calculations to do with this scenario (I don't have a hand history sorry, because I wasn't running a HUD, but I included everything meaningful in the description):

In an 8-max $4.40 tournament.
The prize structure starts at $9.45 for 65th to 72nd, $9.75 for 57th to 64th, accelerating up to a top 8 prize structure of:

8th - $52.50
7th - $75.00
6th - $105.00
5th - $150.00
4th - $225.00
3rd - $306.00
2nd - $415.50
1st - $567.00

Villian of this story gets his large river bluff called by top pair in a hand against By-Stander. Villian is in the cut-off in the very next hand, I am BU and By-Stander is SB, and when it folds to him he open shoves 60BBs, and picks up the blinds. The next hand it folds to him on the BU and he open shoves again, clearly very tilted. I'm in SB with some hand I don't remember that isn't good enough to call, and Villian gets called by By-Stander in BB for roughly half his stack. By-Stander turns over ATo, Villian turns over J5s. Villian spikes a J and By-Stander doesn't recover, growing Villians stack to 110BBs and shrinking By-Standers to 50BB.

Now this is the hand I had a question about. The tournament is down to 221 players, By-Stander limps in UTG, the rest of the table folds to Villian in SB, who shoves his 110BB stack, I'm guessing with close to 100% of his range. My stack is 90BBs, and I'm holding AJo in BB. By-Stander is still left to act behind me, and will probably call with an extended range to get back what he lost in the last hand.

Is it profitable to call, knowing that I'm ahead almost always, but rarely dominating and facing down a possible two opponents?

Posted about 6 years ago


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What range would you put the under the gun player on? He is also aware of the maniac and is possibly setting a trap. I would guess he has a strong ace or a pocket pair. The maniac also knows he is walking in to a trap, so he could have a strong hand to make this move. I'm not liking your equity against their possible holdings. Personally I don't like shoving with AJ unless I have some fold equity or I'm facing a small stack. If you feel confident that they could have a weak shoving range then its +ev. I would still pass unless I was under 20bbs.

Posted about 6 years ago



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Haha with the beginning of the post I thought this was going to be some crazy final couple tables spot.

How long after the J5s hand is this?

Posted about 6 years ago


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Haha with the beginning of the post I thought this was going to be some crazy final couple tables spot.

How long after the J5s hand is this?

this , and were stacks effectively the same as right after that hand?

the limp UTG is suspect to some extent, but i think the big question is had by-stander been limping at all pre? if this isnt an unusual thing for him to do i think we only worry about shover and it bc a call imo

Posted about 6 years ago

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