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10NL 6m 6-tables with commentary.

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Oh, forgot to mention. There is a hand near the end on table 6 with Q9o which I played awfully, and I'm well aware of that now. Looking back it seems I was trying to end it on the flop instead of trying to get value, and so i carried on to make a pigs ear of being super-aggressive to passive.

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I know this is an old thread, but thanks for the great vid.

I did go through it and I have a few spots I would have played differently. Looking forward to your commetns on them.

What are your main stats overall for NL10? I think you are slightly tighter than I am as most points are about stealing and cbetting. Not necesserily tighter in all spots, but you fold some hands just to raise something slightly weaker in a very similar spot afterwards.

I have 2 general questions:
- What is your standard betsize for CO/BU? It does not always seem coherent, like in the very first hand on table 1 you raise to 3x on the BU with 77, very next hand from the CO with ATo only 2,5x when you have 1 more guy in front of you.
- Are you table selecting usually, or did you just remain on them for the video? A lot of these tables were quite bad. If I have tables in the low 20-s for some time, I will look for better ones for sure.

So here we go...

KQo at 00:25 / table 6:
Would you ever squeeze there? The SB is short, but we should be doing there ok against a showe, and both players can fold to 3bets apparently.

Q8o at 00:33 / table 3:
This could be a call on the turn, our hand could very well be still good, and if the 4th flush comes we are mostly ahead.

Q8s at 01:37 / table 1:
This should be a steal against a nit, always. (especially as you steal in the same spot a bit later on table 6 with 67o against an unknown)

KTs at 02:20 / table 4:
Like the iso-raise, but I would not play this passively postflop, there are all kinds of draws and pocket pairs that can peal. I would bet carefully around 2 streets with this. Same for T9s on table 6. If we don't plan to bluffcatch with our hand, lets get some thin value.

AJo at 05:00 / table 2:
When he minraises the button 3handed, I expect him to open a ton of hands. Would 3bet with AJ here. Or at least take a stab on the turn when he checks to us on the flop.

A5o at 05:39 / table 6:
Although not the best board, I would cbet this against this guy. He should be pretty much fit or fold.

44 at 06:25 / table 2:
Not too keen on calling here. Everything is basically a scarecard to us later, and he could very well go ahead and bet his rubbish hand (that could well beat us) on 2-3 streets into us.

77 at 07:00 / table 6:
Like the lead on the flop, but I would be betting the turn as well for half pot, mostly for protection is he is peeling with facecards (which he most probably did here). Would check back the river unless we improve and fold to bet.

A6o at 07:03 / table 3:
I would steal with this. You have 2 nits in the blinds and the BU has a high fold to cbet if I read it right.

A8o at 08:09 / table 4;
This could be a 3bet. Although few hands on him, I would expect him stealing a lot, and he folded to a 3bet already.

Q3o at 10:30 / table 3:
No openender here, only a gutter. I would fold this, too few outs.

Q5o at 10:50 / table 3:
A steal could be good, but follow it up with a cbet. This guy has a fold to cbet stat of 80... (If someone plays like this, a steal with any two could be good against him.)

KJo at 16:24 / table 5:
I would follow up with a cbet here, and shut down if called unimproved.

A8o at 18:17 / table 1:
This could be a raise as well. The two tighter players like to fold to cbets, and against the fish we are mostly good if we hit. (As you do on table two with the slightly weaker K9o in a similar spot.)

Q9o at 18:20 / table 6:
Very interesting as most regs are not this agressive with 2 pair. Worth noting, because as per my experience we will be mostly way behind, rarely chopping and almost never ahead when we face such agression and are holding 2 pair.

J9o at 18:23 / table 5:
Another interesting hand as most regs dont raise f.draws on this limit. That said when such a tight player bombs the river, its almost never a bluff.

A9o at 18:32 / table 3:

44 at 19:48 / table 1:
Just an idea, I am experimenting with this as well right now. Setmining from the blinds against LP raisers is not the best, as they are mostly stealing with a lot of hands that wont pay us off when we finally hit. So if this is the case, why not throw in an occasional checkraise? This is a fairly dry board that he will cbet with his entire range 100% of the time. Might be worth a shot.

Posted over 6 years ago

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